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Video on Instagram

Instagram Video launched with movies of up to 15 seconds

Instagram is growing and users want more features. The company has responded to the demands, as well as to Twitter’s Vine threat, by announcing that Instagrammers can now upload videos on the social networking platform. Users will be able to edit videos up to 15-second long using 13 filters and upload them on Instagram.

Searching for Sugar Man director used 8mm Vintage Camera iPhone app to film the documentary

Oscar-winning “Searching for Sugar Man” movie was shot with an iPhone

“Searching for Sugar Man” won two of the most prestigious movie awards for the best documentary: BAFTA and Oscar. The story behind the documentary is as unusual as the main plot. Some parts of the movie, depicting to South Africans in the search for their favorite singer, were, in fact, shot with a $1.99 iPhone application.

Nikon D800 replacement

Broken Night horror movie, filmed with Nikon D800, released online

The Broken Night short horror movie is now available online. Internet users can watch the film, shot entirely with the Nikon D800, but the viewers discretion is advised as the movie is not intended for the faint of heart. The movie has been directed by Guillermo Arriaga, a well-known writer-director, who won the BAFTA Best Screenplay Award.


Dexter’s Season 7 looks amazing thanks to Nikon D800

Nikon D800 may be a DSLR designed for high-resolution photography, but it was used as the primary second-unit shooter on the set of Dexter Season 7. The camera operators, who shot the series’ seventh season, praised the D800, saying that the DSLR’s amazing color depth and dynamic range met all their demands.


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