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NASA-modified Nikon F3

NASA-modified Nikon F3 camera available at WestLicht auction

The 2013 WestLicht Camera Auction has been announced to take place on November 23. Multiple antique imaging devices will be available during the sale and there are some very interesting listings, as usual. Among them, bidders will be able to find NASA-modified Nikon F3 camera, as well as the “One Millionth Leica”.

Mars billion-pixel panorama

NASA creates 1.3-gigapixel Mars panorama, thanks to Curiosity

Panoramas are great and NASA knows this, so its researchers have decided to compile a gigapixel shot of Mars by stitching together about 900 RAW images. All photos have been sent from the Red Planet by the Curiosity rover, which has captured them in the fall of 2012, while being in the “Rocknest” area.

ISS transiting the moon

Transiting the moon makes the ISS look like the Enterprise

Almost all photographers are looking to capture that once in a lifetime shot. It may not be their best photo ever, but it will be iconic for them. Romanian photographer Maximilian Teodorescu has hit the jackpot, thanks to an image of the International Space Station transiting the moon, making the ISS look like the USS Enterprise.

Ultraviolet high resolution mosaic

160-megapixel ultraviolet photography mosaic of our closest galaxies

160-megapixel imaging project of our neighboring galaxies ends up with incredible resolutions and unprecedented data gathering. This detailed photography mosaic was possible thanks to a UV and optical telescope integrating special filters and a wide, clear-view mirror.

NASA 19-gigapixel Long Swath panorama

NASA unveils 6,000-mile 19-gigapixel Long Swath panorama image

NASA has taken everyone by surprise once again with the launch of a gigantic panorama image, measuring 19.06-gigapixels. It has been called “The Long Swath” and it has been captured in roughly 20 minutes, by the Landsat Data Continuity Mission satellite, orbiting Earth at an altitude of 438 miles at speeds of 17,000 mph.

East / West Germany division space photo

East / West Germany division can still be seen from space

“Everybody Hates Chris” is a popular TV show where Chris Rock recalls his childhood memories. In our situation, everybody loves Chris Hadfield, the Commander of the International Space Station, thanks to his great images posted on Twitter. One of the latest photos shows that the East / West Germany division is still visible from space.

NASA biggest solar flare of 2013

NASA reveals amazing photos of this year’s largest solar flare

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the main supplier of fantastic astrophotography. The agency has released a new set of photos, depicting this year’s biggest solar flare, which caused a coronal mass ejection. Such solar flares produce spectacular light shows, though they can also affect our electronics.

NASA Photo Tournament graphic with winner in center

NASA Photo Tournament premieres, with an underwater volcanic eruption as winner

NASA Photo Tournament, which premiered this year, announced its winner – a photo of an underwater volcanic eruption in El Hierro, Spain. The competition included 32 satellite images, either true color photographs, or computer assisted visualizations, judged by public voting.

USA by night - Suomi NPP satellite

NASA video compilation of satellite imagery released

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has just released a “best-of” video compilation of satellite footage from 2012, featuring the year’s most important data captures. The footage consists of beautiful photographs, time lapses and computer generated visualizations.

Photographer compiled a 4-gigapixel Mars panoramic photo using images sent back by the Curiosity Rover

Curiosity Rover sends back images to create 4-gigapixel Mars panorama

A photographer, who is renowned for this panoramic photos, has compiled 407 images of Mars, sent back by the Curiosity Rover. The car-sized robot captured those pictures over a period of 13 Martian days. Andrew Bordov has stitched them all together into an impressive 4-gigapixel panorama of the Red Planet.

First self-portrait of the Mars Curiosity rover taken on the Red Planet

Curiosity rover takes the first Mars nighttime photos

On August 6th, 2012, the Curiosity rover touched down on Mars. The robot has been analyzing the Red Planet’s soil since then and it has been spending its free time by taking several daytime shots of Mars. A few days ago, NASA calibrated the rover for night shots and Curiosity took the first nighttime photographs of our neighboring planet.

nasa mona lisa moon photo

NASA sends Mona Lisa image into space using laser communication

NASA sent a black-and-white image of the Mona Lisa painting to the moon’s orbit. The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was one the receiving end of the photo, taking advantage of the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter, a communication device based on laser technology.


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