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natural light photography



Editing Images Taken with a DIY Reflector

Here’s some editing we did to enhance these images we took after using the DIY reflector — to make them pop even more.


Dollar Store Lighting for Photographers on a Budget

Using a simple DIY reflector fill board from a dollar store, you can get professional lighting results cheaply and easily.


Child Photography: Blueprint of a Successful Paint Session

Child Photography: Blueprint of a Successful Paint Session I realize that my best sessions are always the ones where I truly have fun. Where I laugh as much (if not more) as the kids. Being silly is part of my style, and it’s why I enjoy being a kids’ photographer. BUT it is very easy…


Shooting in Full Sun: 8 Incredible Photography Tips

Shooting in Full Sun is not easy.  But thanks to Kelly Moore Clark of Kelly Moore Photography, it just got a little easier. If you have questions for Kelly, please post them in the comment section on my blog (not Facebook) so she will see them and can answer them. Kelly is a photographer, wife,…


North vs South – which direction light is better?

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase This is more a question – than an answer…  So if you have opinions or just want to give critique on these photos, feel free to leave a comment. North or South Facing Light suppose to be the best?  I thought it…


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