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Editing Images Taken with a DIY Reflector

Here’s some editing we did to enhance these images we took after using the DIY reflector — to make them pop even more.


Dollar Store Lighting for Photographers on a Budget

Using a simple DIY reflector fill board from a dollar store, you can get professional lighting results cheaply and easily.

Example of light from sliding glass door

How to Take Better Photos By Finding and Using Light in Your Home

Learn how using light, both natural and artificial light sources in your home, can create great photos.


Editing indoor natural light studio shots using Photoshop Actions

Thanks to Karen Gunton of Smile, Play, Love Photography in Australia, for sending in this Blueprint. Karen wrote: Here is a photo from a recent studio session. Even with a huge window, because I use natural light for my studio shots, my backdrop always comes out grey. I use MCP actions “bright white spell” to…


6 Tips on Using Natural Window Light Creatively

Thank you to MCP Guest Blogger Sharon Gartrell for this post teaching how to feather window light. This should come in handy as the temperatures drop. Using Natural Window Light Creatively Winter is now upon us and many of my fellow natural light photographers are bemoaning the loss of the beautiful scenery and warm weather.…


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