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Ricoh to announce new Theta camera in early September

Are you a fan of panorama photography? Well, Ricoh is allegedly preparing a surprise for you. The company is developing a new Theta camera which is set to become the third generation in its series. The new device will be revealed during the first days of September along with an improved design as well as better specifications.

Ricoh Theta m15

Ricoh Theta m15 announced in new colors with video support

Ricoh has announced its follow-up to the Theta camera that records 360-degree panoramic photos. The brand new Ricoh Theta m15 comes with more color options and faster WiFi. However, the camera is now capable of capturing 360-degree videos for up to three minutes. Look for this camera in a store near you as of November 14.

Panono camera

Panono camera captures 108-megapixel spherical photos

Panono is one of the most interesting cameras that have ever come out of a crowd-funding platform. The device can be thrown in the air and its 36 built-in cameras will all capture a shot at the same time. The shots will be stitched together and create a single, spherical 108-megapixel photo. Panono will start shipping in spring 2015.

Lake District gigapixel

6 more gigapixel photography projects worth seeing

Following the success of our initial article about websites where you can find the best gigapixel panoramas, we have created “part II” of our series. Check out this article in order to find out more about six websites consisting of gigapixel photography projects, as they are worth seeing and will keep you busy for days to come.

Giroptic 360cam

360cam is a camera that records full HD 360-degree videos

The latest exciting project to come out of Kickstarter consists of the so-called 360cam. It has been developed by Giroptic and it consists of a digital camera with three lenses capable of capturing videos at full HD resolution and with a 360-degree field-of-view. It’s WiFi-enabled, but read on to find out its entire specs list.

New York City gigapixel panorama

The 6 best websites for gigapixel panoramas and images

Gigapixel panoramas are giving users the possibility of exploring places and cities that are otherwise inaccessible to them. The internet is a big thing and sometimes you can get lost. Well, here is our top list containing six websites where you can find thousands of great gigapixel panoramas and images.

CENTR 4K video camera

CENTR camera records 360-degree panoramic 4K videos

A team of former Apple employees has unveiled the CENTR camera. It consists of a device with the shape of a doughnut that features four image sensors. The CENTR camera will stitch the footage together in order to create amazing 360-degree panoramic videos at 4K resolution. This device is available now on Kickstarter!

Bublcam 360-degree camera

Bublcam is an innovative 360-degree camera with a cute design

Have you ever wanted a camera that captures all the action around you? Well, now is the perfect time to do so as the Bublcam is available through Kickstarter. The device consists of a 360-degree camera that shoots both panoramic photos and videos, as well as an impressive and lightweight design which is great for all sorts of purposes

Image stitching algorithm better panoramas

Better panoramas with new algorithm for image stitching

A couple of math professors propose in a paper published by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics a new approach for image stitching. Their research is poised to improve panoramas, which are a hot topic in today’s photography world.


Ricoh Theta camera unveiled for 360-degree panorama lovers

Back when Ricoh unveiled an omnidirectional camera concept, the whole world has been puzzled by the company’s great idea. Now, that device is here and it is called Ricoh Theta. It bears a different design when compared to the original concept, but underneath it is still a shooter capable of taking 360-degree panorama photos.

Tokyo panorama

Huge Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel

Photographer Jeffrey Martin and Fujitsu Technology Solutions have worked together at creating the world’s second largest photo ever. It has been captured from the top of the Tokyo Tower. The Tokyo panorama measures 150-gigapixel and it has a width of 600,000 pixels. If it were to be printed, then it would be about 328-feet long.


Squito is a throwable camera capturing panoramic images

Boston-based Steve Hollinger has an idea about how the camera can be reimagined. His solution is called Squito and it consists of a throwable camera ball, which captures stabilized videos as well as 360-degree panorama photos. Its purpose is to provide additional information in search and rescue scenarios or just for fun.

34-gigapixel Prague panorama

Canon 1D X used for shooting 34-gigapixel Prague panorama

A new gigapixel photo has appeared on the web, showing another European city in its full glory. It measures 34 billion pixels and more than 2,600 individual shots taken with a Canon 1D X have been used for it. This is Czech Republic’s capital city, Prague, and it looks simply amazing.

Mars billion-pixel panorama

NASA creates 1.3-gigapixel Mars panorama, thanks to Curiosity

Panoramas are great and NASA knows this, so its researchers have decided to compile a gigapixel shot of Mars by stitching together about 900 RAW images. All photos have been sent from the Red Planet by the Curiosity rover, which has captured them in the fall of 2012, while being in the “Rocknest” area.

360-degree Dubai panorama

Wonderful 360-degree panorama of Dubai from Burj Khalifa’s top

Don’t you simply love those panoramas made to look like tiny planets? They are wonderful and they look better when they are captured from impressive heights. Well, the one which depicts a 360-degree view of Dubai tops them all, as it has been captured from the pinnacle of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa.

50-gigapixel camera

Kickstarter hosting campaign for 50-gigapixel camera

Duke University has attracted a lot of attention after revealing AWARE-2, a camera capable of capturing 50-gigapixel panoramic photos. Duke’s friends, called Aqueti, are looking to take the device on a field trip across the state, as a part of the Carolina Zoomin’ Kickstarter campaign, which will capture amazing gigapixel panoramas.

NASA 19-gigapixel Long Swath panorama

NASA unveils 6,000-mile 19-gigapixel Long Swath panorama image

NASA has taken everyone by surprise once again with the launch of a gigantic panorama image, measuring 19.06-gigapixels. It has been called “The Long Swath” and it has been captured in roughly 20 minutes, by the Landsat Data Continuity Mission satellite, orbiting Earth at an altitude of 438 miles at speeds of 17,000 mph.

ONDU Pinhole Cameras

ONDU Pinhole Cameras project seeks funding on Kickstarter

Pinhole cameras are the perfect accessory for photographers who want to experiment with a device that pre-dates most of today’s lensmen. Carpenter-photographer Elvis Halilović promises that you will love his hand-made wooden pinhole cameras, therefore he has launched a Kickstarter project for the ONDU Pinhole Cameras.

New York 360-degree panorama photo

Photographer creates amazing New York City 360-degree panorama photos

Visiting New York City can be found on a lot of people’s bucket list, but not all of them will actually check a mark next to it. However, Nuno Madeira is offering the next best thing with the help of dozens of interactive 360-degree panoramic photos. Madeira started his work in 2010 and 50 panoramas have been compiled since then.

The logo fo George Eastman House

George Eastman House is the first photo museum to feature in Google Art Project

George Eastman House Museum, the world’s oldest museum dedicated to photography is the first of its kind to be featured in Google’s Art Project. The museum has submitted 50 high resolution photos to the online platform, ranging from the dawn of photography to modern times.

Fotodiox Vizelex RhinoCam for Sony E-mount cameras officially announced

Fotodiox RhinoCam can turn Sony NEX cameras into medium format systems

Fotodiox has announced an innovative system, called Vizelex RhinoCam, which is capable of capturing panoramic and full 645 medium format images at 20 or 30 times cheaper costs than ever before. The company says that the RhinoCam can be attached to all Sony NEX cameras and turn them into medium format systems.


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