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Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest panorama by Thomas Kellner

Huge panorama photos made out of 35mm film strips by Thomas Kellner

Thomas Kellner is a popular photographer, well-known for his ability of creating surreal panoramic images of monuments located around the world. His latest project is complete and is called “Tango Metropolis”. The project consists of amazing panorama photos made out of 35mm film strips, carefully placed on top of each other.

320-gigapixel panorama image of London is the biggest panorama photo in the world

BT creates 320-gigapixel panorama image of London using Canon 7D

British Telecommunications was one of the Olympic Games 2012 main sponsors. In order to celebrate this opportunity, the company created the world’s biggest panorama image, which measures 320-gigapixel. The photo was created from more than 48,000 frames, while post-processing lasted three months.

Ricoh omnidirectional 360-degree camera concept revealed at CP+ 2013

Ricoh unveils omnidirectional camera concept

Smartphones and digital cameras can take beautiful panoramic shots, but what if users want to go a step beyond this? Well, Ricoh has already thought of that and it has revealed an omnidirectional camera, which can take full 360 degree shots in a split second, at the CP+ 2013 digital imaging show.


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