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Nikon is looking to incorporate hybrid viewfinder in its cameras

Nikon files for patent describing hybrid viewfinder

Nikon has filed for several patents in Japan. Each of them describes a separate action and sounds very promising. The company’s latest patent applications may make the photographers’ lives a whole lot easier, as Nikon is proposing a hybrid viewfinder, double electronic mount contacts, and an LED for illuminating the lens mount.

Aptina signed a cross-patent license deal with Sony

Sony and Aptina sign patent cross-license deal

Sony and Aptina have decided to do the right thing, which is quite rare these days. The two companies have signed a cross-license agreement, that will allow them to access each other’s patent portfolios. This way, Aptina and Sony will focus on developing new technologies to use in next-generation digital imaging products.

Microsoft and Nikon have announced a patent licensing agreement over Android cameras

Nikon and Microsoft sign patent licensing deal over Android cameras

Microsoft has a long history of going after Android smartphone manufacturers. Apparently, Android uses a technology related to an exFAT patent owned by Microsoft and a lot of companies pay royalties to the Windows maker. Well, Nikon has become the latest Android patent licensee, after signing an agreement with Microsoft.

Apple's latest patent ensures that blur will be reduced to a minimum in iPhone photos

No more blurry iPhone photos, thanks to Apple’s latest patent

Apple has developed a technology that forces the iPhone camera to take photos as soon as the user launches the Camera application and store them in a buffer. When the user touches the display to take a photo, the software will automatically select the least blurry photo from the shots stored in the buffer. The technique is described in a patent filed in October 2012.

Panasonic's new low-light sensor technology doubles color sensitivity

Panasonic creates new sensor that doubles low-light image quality

Image quality has improved in recent years, however, photographers are still not satisfied with the current level of technology. As a result, companies are constantly working on improving photo quality. Panasonic has developed a breakthrough technology that allows better light transmission, thus doubling low-light image quality.

Kodak sold 1,100 patents to 12 companies

Kodak completes $527 million patent sale

January 2012 was a bad month for Kodak as the company was forced to file for bankruptcy. February 2013 appears to be a good month for the digital camera inventor thanks to a $527 million patent sale to a consortium of organizations. Following the sale of its patents, Kodak is now entering a crucial phase of its business and a lot of work still needs to be done.

A Nikon Nikkor 58mm f/1.4 lens released in the past

Nikon files patent for 58mm f/1.4 lens

Big companies constantly apply for patent as it is the only way to release new products on the market and to protect their intellectual property. Nikon is the latest camera manufacturer to apply for a 58mm lens with a large aperture of f/1.4. The patent was filed in Japan and it is the fourth 58mm lens patent application from Nikon.

Nikon's patent infringement lawsuit against Sigma denied by Japanese Judge

Judge dismisses Nikon patent infringement lawsuit against Sigma

Back in 2011, Nikon filed a patent infringement lawsuit at the Tokyo District Court against Sigma. Nikon wanted a Japanese Judge to ban the sales of six Sigma lenses and sought compensations because the lenses featured built-in Vibration Reduction mechanism, a technology which was already patented by Nikon.

konica minolta logo

Konica Minolta to join MFT camp?

New lens patent that describes a 14-42mm and its 12-42mm variation has surfaced from the Konica Minolta camp. The f/3.5-5.6 lenses are interesting news as they are specifically made for Micro Four Thirds-sized sensors, suggesting that the company will join the Olympus and Panasonic in the MFT world.

top 20 us patent holders

Top 20 US patent holders pose for an interesting infographic

The Chipworks team has compiled an interesting infographic highlighting the United States patent activity in 2012. There were no surprises at the top, with IBM taking the leading position for the 20th consecutive year, however, 4 of the top 5 companies from the infographic are camera manufacturers, while several others made it into the top 20.

official sony logo

Sony to bring next gen sensors?

Next generation three layers sensors seem to be close to reality with Sony’s latest patent. The Japanese company might bring a new revolutionary image sensor to the market in the near future. A new patent has just surfaced these days, in which we can find a detailed plan of a new generation image sensor.

Nikon logo

Nikon patents hybrid optical and electronic viewfinder

Nikon has filed for a viewfinder switch, which can toggle between optical and electronic viewfinders. The new hybrid viewfinder technology will become available in DSLR cameras soon, as Nikon will try to compete against Fujifilm’ cameras with this feature, such as the flagship X-Pro1 mirrorless shooter.

Canon logo

Canon remains top Japanese company in US patent rankings

One thing that shows the dedication for research and innovation is the amount of patents filed by a company. Canon remained the top Japanese patent filer in the United States for the eighth consecutive year. The company filed for 3,174 patents in the US, outpacing its Japan-based competitors, such as Sony.

toshiba logo

Toshiba files new sensor patent?

Toshiba is a major player on the sensor market and it mainly competes against Sony. In order to become the best, you have to invest a lot of effort into research and this is exactly what Toshiba is doing. The company has just patented a new type of sensor, that may revolutionize the market in a few years time.


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