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Pentax K-50 leaked

Pentax K-50, Q7 cameras, and 11.5mm f/9 lens coming on July 5

Pentax is preparing for a very busy summer schedule. If most people choose to take a vacation, the company will not sit this one out, as it will introduce two new cameras, a DSLR and a mirrorless, along with a pinhole lens that will also act as a body cap. As a result, the K-50, Q7, and 11.5mm f/9 lens have all been leaked online.

Pentax K-50 specs price leaked

Pentax K-50 DSLR leaked ahead of official announcement

Pentax fans looking to purchase a DSLR have not been expecting a replacement for the middle-entry K-30 anytime soon, as the camera has recently turned one year old. However, a French retailer has leaked the K-30 shooter, along with its price and specs, ahead of the official unveiling, which will occur anytime soon.

White Pentax WG-3 ruggedized camera

White Pentax WG-3 and Efina compact cameras announced

Pentax has decided that it is about time to become more appealing to fashionistas. The company offers ruggedized cameras for tough people, but they might also want a stylish camera. For them, Pentax has just introduced the White version of the WG-3, which packs the same features as the original versions.

Pentax APS-C full-frame cameras

Pentax APS-C and full frame cameras to be announced soon

Pentax has some surprises for its fans, as the company will announced a professional APS-C camera soon, alongside a full frame shooter. Managing Director and General Manager, Tomoyoshi Shibata, has confirmed that the company is currently working on the two shooters and that more information will be revealed before long.

Download Pentax K-5 IIs Q firmware updates

New Pentax Q, K-5 II, and K-5 IIs firmware updates released

Pentax has admitted to its mistakes and has released a pair of new firmware updates to fix what has been broken. The Q mirrorless and K-5 II / K-5 IIs DSLR cameras have received a pair of firmware updates. They will fix a couple of bugs introduced in the shooters’ previous upgrades that caused some annoying problems.

Photo allegedly taken with Pentax K-3

Full frame Pentax K-3 DSLR to be announced on March 27

We have heard through the grapevine that Pentax will finally announce a new full frame DSLR camera under the name K-3. Allegedly, the announcement is scheduled to take place on March 27. The Japanese company will announce its FF DSLR along with a new image sensor and a novel processing engine among many others.

Pentax to announce a new APS-C compact camera in the following weeks

Pentax to announce APS-C compact camera and five new DSLRs soon

Pentax will extend its camera offerings in the following weeks. The company is rumored to reveal up to five new DSLR shooters and a APS-C format camera very soon. Inside sources claim that it is very likely that Pentax and Ricoh will hold a product announcement event by the end of March 2013, in order to unveil the new cameras.

Pentax K-01 firmware update 1.03 available for download

Pentax K-30 and K-01 firmware update 1.03 available for download now

Pentax received heavy criticism after the company released a firmware update which broke what it was supposed to fix. However, the company released a new software version, 1.03, in order to finally fix the bug which caused the contrast autofocus system to stop working, while recording videos with a variety of lenses.

Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.01 is now available for download to improve focus performance on the mirrorless camera

Pentax Q10 firmware update 1.01 now available for download

Pentax has decided to give Q10 users a special treat on Valentine’s Day, by releasing the 1.01 firmware update for the mirrorless camera. Although it is just a minor update, it will improve the performance of the Pentax Q10 compact system camera, allowing the users to focus faster when taking photos.

Pentax WG-3 GPS rugged camera features an altimeter

Pentax announces new WG-10, WG-3 GPS and WG-3 ruggedized cameras

Three new ruggedized cameras have been officially introduced by Pentax. One of the three rugged Pentax compact cameras does not need any kind of cable as it supports Eye-Fi cards and cutting-edge Qi wireless charging, alongside a built-in GPS and an altimeter.

pentax efina cameras

Pentax announces Efina and K-5 II / K-5 IIs firmware update 1.01

Pentax launched a new digital compact camera for entry-level users called Efina, a shooter which will have serious competition as Sony, Olympus, Samsung, and Panasonic unveiled their line of point-and-shooters at CES 2013. The digital imaging company also announced the availability of firmware update 1.01 for its DSLR cameras, the K-II and K-IIs.

pentax mx-1

Pentax taps into enthusiast compact market with MX-1

Ricoh has decided to bring the Pentax brand to the enthusiast compact camera market with the MX-1. This shooter has been unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 with a 12-megapixel sensor, 4x optical zoom lens, and a retro design inspired by vintage film cameras.


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