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The Little Mermaid Ariel and Prince Eric

Dream wedding photos inspired by “The Little Mermaid”

Mathieu Photography and Mark Brooke Photography have teamed up along with the Your Cloud Parade store in order to capture the perfect wedding on camera. Inspired by The Little Mermaid, Ariel and Prince Eric have posed for the dream wedding photos of people looking for ideas for the most important day of their lives.

Falling Through Space

Self-portraits of Brad Hammonds “Falling Through Space”

Photographers have a common goal of putting themselves in danger. Many of them like living on the edge, but they realize that accidents happen. While we are experiencing an “emotional delay”, the moment is already gone, says Brad Hammonds, who takes self-portraits showing the subject “Falling Through Space”.

Pheonix Asteroid Daniel Gordon

Artists put rubber bands on their faces in painful photo shoot

Eyes are regarded as our most expressive parts, but the whole face contributes to an expression. What if we could go one step further when expressing ourselves? Well, photographer Wes Naman has thought of that and, after putting Scotch tape on people’s heads, now he invited artists to put rubber bands on their faces.

Silhouette photography of a lady making Shadow Monsters

Silhouette photography of people making shadow monsters in a musem

The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosted a special exhibition called “Shadow Monsters.” If people had used the interactive art installation to create shadow monsters, photographer Joe Holmes would have seen this as a perfect opportunity for silhouette photography.

Photographer taking shots of himself falling

Photographer Kerry Skarbakka shoots amazing falling self-portraits

Philosophy and photography roads sometimes intersect themselves. Photographer Kerry Skarbakka combines the two very often, including in his latest photo collection called “The Struggle to Right Oneself.” This eccentric photographer takes pictures of him falling, hoping to force people ask themselves questions about human condition.

Sephi Bergerson used iPhoneography for a post-wedding photo shoot

iPhoneography: Indian wedding photo shoot made with iPhone 4S

What can an open-minded couple and a professional photographer do to create a memorable photo shoot? Use an iPhone 4S to take the photos, of course! iPhoneography is viewed by many as an art and photographer Sephi Bergerson convinced a couple to make use of his iPhone 4S for the post-wedding photo shoot.

air nypd vogue

Vogue controversial photo shoot celebrates Hurricane Sandy storm troupers

Vogue, one of the oldest fashion and lifestyle magazines in the United States, published a controversial photo shoot depicting Hurricane Sandy first responders alongside the magazine’s models. Last year, a Brazilian model was met with the same response from the public, after she tried to further her modelling career by uploading some of her portraits taken during the Hurricane Sandy aftermath.


3 Tips for Creating Your Own Behind-The-Scenes Photo Shoot Video

I recently published a Behind the Scenes video to Vimeo of a fashion photo shoot I did at Motor City Casino in Detroit.  After the emotional high wore off from producing it, I sat down with my creative team to begin planning the next video.  We spent a lot of time discussing the types of…


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