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Motion photography dilemma: blur or freeze?

Find out which is best: stills or blurry photos of moving objects? Learn the latest techniques in freezing action, blurring background and capturing gunfire light trails. Work your way out to professional sport racing photography and imprint a sense of direction to any moving object in your photos.

Chris Hadfield's Nikkon 400 mm lens

Astronaut Chris Hadfield’s space photography tips

Astronauts used to stash away photos until they started travelling the country on post-mission lectures. Chris Hadfield has been posting shots almost every day and now he has some telephoto tips to share also. No wonder he’s got 700,000 followers on Twitter.

Edith Widder's e-jelly, a device which mimics jellyfish bioluminescent distress calls, attracted the giant squid

How the Kraken was filmed, using revolutionary deep sea photography

Earlier this year, the first video of a giant squid was recorded using an unobtrusive camera platform. Edith Widder’s Medusa and e-jelly have paved the way to how deep sea photography will be developed.


Benjamin von Wong’s advice on fire shooting

Self described as a sleepless, perky, easy going and inspired youngster, Benjamin von Wong is a professional photographer and visual engineer. One of his latest projects was an international collaboration with Andrey DAS, a master pyrotechnician, and the designer Virginie Marcerou, during his European tour. Combining amazing designer clothes with smoke, fire and sparklers, van Wong gives some valuable advice on fire shooting.

Close up of a photographer at work

Effective marketing tips for photographers

If you want to get started as a photographer, there are a few things that you should know in terms of how to promote yourself in such a way that will win you the admiration of future clients. Here is a set of tips that will guide you on your way to becoming a full-time professional photographer.

SUV seen from between the tree line.

Automotive photography done cheap and easy

Advertising photography usually implies having large amounts of expensive camera and lighting gear, in order to produce commercially viable materials. Test-drive photography, on the other hand, can turn out great at just a fraction of the cost, while being quite easy to carry out if you know what you are doing.


5 Proven Tips to Master the Art of Self-Portraits

If you hate getting in photos and only like to get behind the lens, consider this challenge. Try taking self-portraits. Here’s tips on how.


Taking Great Children’s Portraits: Bring on the Fun

Taking Great Children’s Portraits: Bring on the Fun Photographic trends vary widely from photo journalistic to highly stylized to formal. I am by nature an observer and therefore tend to embrace the photo journalistic style of children’s portraits.  That being said, I am also in business and very few clients are willing to pay me…


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