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How to Edit an Image with Improper Exposure in Lightroom

You may have seen this image on our controversial post about exposure or on our product pages for InFusion and Illuminate Presets. Now we are going to answer “how I created such a bright image and such a dark image from the same photo?”   How to take an underexposed image and pull out detail it…


An Extremely Controversial Photo of Siblings

When the word “controversial” pops into your head, is this image what you’d be picturing? Probably not! I had posted this image on the MCP Facebook Page in February showcasing our newest Lightroom presets (InFusion and Illuminate).  I never expected to hear anything except, “cute kids” or “how did you do that?” or “great save.”…


Successes and Failures of a First Year Photographer

One Year Later: Successes and Failures of a First Year Photographer by Chelsea LaVere In the teacher world, there is a huge emphasis on the First Year. The First Year is all about what worked and more importantly, what didn’t work. It’s all about reflection, reflection, reflection. I am formally trained as an English major…


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