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How to Easily Get More Images With Less Effort

This probably sounds like every photographer’s dream – right?  More great images – less work.  It’s not a gimmick.  It’s a quick tip. Once you pose your customer, rather than shoot the images from the logical position, try at least two more moves.  Your subject can basically stay where they are.  You, however, will move…


Child Photography: Blueprint of a Successful Paint Session

Child Photography: Blueprint of a Successful Paint Session I realize that my best sessions are always the ones where I truly have fun. Where I laugh as much (if not more) as the kids. Being silly is part of my style, and it’s why I enjoy being a kids’ photographer. BUT it is very easy…


Blueprint: A Mom or a Model? Some Fan Shares

Thank you to Camilla Binks of Camilla Photography for this week’s Blurprints. I asked her the story about the model and these beautiful pictures and here is what she said, “This is my beloved sister, Noel.  Isn’t she gorgeous!?!?  She is a mother of two with her youngest being just 5 months old.  I was…


Posing Tip: Be Aware of Dangling Limbs

One often flattering tip with posing is to angle your subject so that they do not hit the camera straight on and look as broad as possible. When doing this you may want to pay attention to all angles… Here is one that I caught. Before shows 1st try with the model turning quickly to…


Macros with non-macro lenses

So these two shots are not perfect macro captures but I had my Canon 135L on, and saw this HUGE bee.  So I just had to try…  Which means I just had to share… Remember not to let your equipment limit what you can shoot. Here is the bee gathering nectar. And my one second…


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