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Editing in Photoshop: Combining Actions, Textures and Overlays

Editing in Photoshop: Combining Actions and Textures for Beautiful Images This straight out of camera image, from Patti Brown Photography, was shot in what is basically a cave, with one small window which served as the only available light.  She had originally intended on utilizing off camera flash, but her Pocket Wizards weren’t firing that…


NEW Photoshop Storyboard Template Action Sets {fast, easy, fun}

In 2008, MCP Actions was the first to create a new concept that changed the way photographers displayed their work – the  “Blog It Board” Web sized templates. In addition to our already popular Tell a Storyboard product line, we  introduced both the Magic Blog It Boards and Magic Print It Boards. Photographers still tell…


Achieve Vivid Color Using Photoshop Actions: A Family Blueprint

Achieve Vivid Color Using Photoshop Actions: A Family Blueprint If you are looking to achieve vivid, bright, crisp color photos, you will want good lighting and to nail your focus.  While shooting with shallow depth of field is great for portrait photography, remember with families, you may want all the subjects in focus too.  Once…


Blog It Board Collage Photoshop Actions {Now for Elements Too}

Elements users, your wishes are coming true.  We are working on converting more actions for Adobe’s Photoshop Elements. Our newest release for Elements are the Magic Blog It Board Collage Actions and Magic Print It Board Storyboards.  For two years these collage and storyboard Photoshop actions have helped professional and hobbyist photographers with the full…

Contest: Win Photoshop CS5 and MCP Photoshop Actions

Contest: Win Photoshop CS5 and MCP Photoshop Actions

What does MCP Actions mean to you? This is your chance to use your creativity, photographic skills, and thinking cap to win Photoshop CS5 Extended ($999 value) or a $50 or $100 Gift Certificate for Photoshop actions from MCP. These are two independent contests running at the same time. Enter one or both. To qualify…


Using Photoshop Actions to Fix Washed Out Scanned Slide Images

This Blueprint will show you how Photoshop actions were used to save an 50+ year old, washed out scanned slide image. Didi Miles, a photographer, sent in this story with her Blueprint: It has been a weird-yucky-crazy 6 months. I’ve lost huge cornerstones of my life in the last 6 months. In order…..My Grandma Dorothy…


How to Move Photoshop Actions & More to Photoshop CS5

Are you considering an upgrade to Photoshop CS5?  Did you already purchase CS5 and are unsure how to move over your products, like Photoshop actions? It can take a little bit of time and preparation, but setting up Photoshop CS5 should be fairly easy. If possible, start preparing before the program arrives via mail or…


Angie Monson + Photoshop Actions For Photographers = Color Blueprint

Photoshop actions for digital photographers… Often controversial… Time saving… Helpful… Image enhancing… Angie Monson (of Simplicity Photography) has images with very unique, vibrant color.  While this highly color popped look may not be for everyone, it is extremely popular right now.  And her photos and editing are stunning. She sent me an urban photo, so…


How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Photography Business

How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Photography Business By Seshu Let me at the outset say that I was an early adopter of Twitter. That also makes me an one of the early skeptics. I recall signing up for the free social media networking service and then walking away for months. I didn’t know…


Over-Editing in Photoshop: How to Avoid 25 Common Editing Mistakes

Don’t fall victim to the common editing mistakes that most photographers make at one time or another. Find out the mistakes and how to avoid them in your photo editing. Decide for yourself which may still have a time and place in your workflow.


Photoshop Tutorial: How to Color Pop in Photoshop

Color pop anyone? If you are looking for more vibrant colors in your photos, Photoshop can help you achieve that look. Using both channel mixer adjustment layers and layer masks, you are in full control of what parts of your image get that extra color pop. This effect can be achieved manually or using Photoshop…


Color Pop in Photoshop: Achieving that Ultra Colorful Look

Want to color pop your images in Photoshop? This week’s Blueprint shows one way to achieve rich, super powerful color.  I get asked about this look all the time in reference to a few photographers who pull out these deep hidden colors. This look and style is trendy and fun, and many will love it,…


Photoshop Actions: 14 Reasons your Actions for Elements Might Not Work and How to Fix Them

Running Photoshop actions inside of Elements is not always easy.  Here are some troubleshooting tips to get your actions up and running inside Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE). 1. Before installing an action into Photoshop Elements, confirm with the action creator that it is compatible with your version of PSE. If you are purchasing a Photoshop…


Photoshop Actions: 16 Ways to Troubleshoot Problematic Actions

If your Photoshop actions stop working, give you error messages, or start acting crazy, here are 16 solutions to your problems. Read this and get back to editing.

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What Are Photoshop Actions?

One frequently asked question I get is “what are Photoshop actions and how can they help me as a photographer?” At MCP Actions, we have been designing professional Photoshop actions since 2006. Our actions will help you improve your digital photography and save you time while editing! While there isn’t a universal definition, at MCP,…


How to Spread the Word About MCP’s Tutorials, Actions and Training

Who has the BEST Photoshop Actions?  Amazing One-on-One Photoshop Training?  Fun, educational Online Photoshop Classes? And Great Free Photoshop Video Tutorials?  I hope MCP Actions ranks high on your list. I often get asked by customers and blog readers, how they can link to MCP.  If you enjoy my Photoshop tutorials and/or Photoshop actions and…

Get To Know Jodi Friedman of MCP Actions

Get To Know Jodi Friedman of MCP Actions

In the past few months I have done a number of FAQ posts on Photoshop actions and training, as well as having FAQ sections on my website to answer the most common questions. Erin Peloquin, who is working on converting some popular MCP Photoshop actions to be compatible in Elements, asked if she could interview…


Blueprint – Subtle Edits for a BIG Impact

Some photos take a lot of editing, while others just need a few quick clicks of the mouse.  Here is an edit that was done in about 30 seconds or less. Started by cropping. Then used “All in the Details” Tinted action.  Masked detail layer completely off skin. Then used “All in the Details” Flashlight…

Video Tutorial: Layer Masks Part 2

Video Tutorial: Layer Masks Part 2

This is part 2 of my layer mask tutorial. This tutorial will help you use layer masks that are built into actions. When you use actions, they often will have layer masks built it. Almost every layer of every action I create has one. You may not need to use them often. But there are…


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