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Photoshop Actions


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How to Use Photoshop Actions to Enhance an Already Great Photo

Photoshop actions can both fix and enhance photos. The more dramatic examples are “saves” but today we’ll show you how to make what you have even better.

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Do You Typically Edit In Color Or Black And White?

Color vs black and white imagery – each conveys different stories and messages. Do you typically pick one over the other? And why?


How To Edit Outdoor Newborn Images With Newborn Necessities

Don’t pull your hair out when editing newborn photos. Here’s some easy steps you can take to process your photos with ease.


The Injustice of Fixing Photos in Photoshop: And An Edit Challenge

Should we only accept perfectly exposed and white balanced images or is editing to fix images acceptable? Learn if Photoshop is doing an injustice to photographers.


Free Patriotic Photoshop Template * Perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July

*** FLAG IN A FLASH *** Enjoy our Free Patriotic Photoshop Template for Memorial Day, Independence Day/4th of July, Veteran’s Day and beyond. This is a very special freebie for Photoshop and Elements called “Flag in a Flash.” It was first introduced four years ago as a Photoshop action.  We are bringing it back this…

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Editing Newborn Images in Photoshop Just Got Easier and Faster

If you photography newborns, you need to have this Photoshop action set. It makes editing baby images quick – and help you get the looks you want.


Newborn Necessities Sneak Peek Plus Contest Winner

On Monday, April 16th, MCP Actions will make editing newborn photos easier and faster. When you photograph newborns and babies, you need these Photoshop actions!   The winner of our contest to win a copy of Newborn Necessities before it is released to the public is: Aleesha Rhoades – entry 416 (decided that number was…


MCP Actions Is Changing The Way You Edit Newborns: Plus A Giveaway!

Coming next week – the only Photoshop action set you will ever need to edit newborn images.


The Power of Curves For Editing in Photoshop: A Tutorial

Curves is the most powerful tool in Photoshop. To edit well, you need to learn to use it to the fullest. Learn some basics now.


Creating Dramatic, Vibrant Images Using MCP’s Photoshop Actions

If you like rich color and high contrast in your photos, read the step by step of this edit in Photoshop to learn how to achieve this “look.”


Photoshop CS6 Beta: The Best Features for Portrait Photographers

Learn how Photoshop CS6 will help you edit faster and take your post processing to the next level.


Editing Backlit Images With Photoshop Actions

Quick, easy edits for backlit photos … learn the steps now.


5 Key Steps for Creating Digital Collage Illustrations

Several years ago, Jo Ann Kairys, an award winning children’s book author and illustrator, began taking photos of her grandchildren at play. As a novice Photoshop CS3 user, she created story book images into which she blended their pictures.  She had no formal art training, but with digital scrapbook kits purchased online, she constructed colorful illustrations.…


Subtle Photo Editing With Photoshop Actions Make A Big Difference

When you nail your exposure, white balance and focus, editing is a breeze using Photoshop actions. Learn quick steps to make your photos pop.


Which Photoshop Actions Recipe Do You Prefer?

Which edit do you like best – come critique and pick your favorite.


Blueprint: Enhancing Colors and Depth with MCP’s Fusion Photoshop Action Set

Watch Step-by-Step how a photographer gives more color and life to her photos. Then try it yourself!


How to Achieve Creamy Newborn Skin Using Photoshop

Get better newborn skin quickly and easily. Just follow the steps in our easy Photoshop tutorial.


Adding Warmth To Images Using Photoshop Actions

If you love rich, warm colors, learn how you can get your photos to pop with warmth.


Learn To Install Photoshop Actions Into PS CS-CS5+ The Best Way

Try these easy steps to get your Photoshop actions installed. Then start using them to improve your images.


Blueprint: Photoshop Actions for Beautiful Black and White Images

See how easy it is to make beautiful black and white images in a few quick clicks using Photoshop Actions.


Combining Lightroom Presets and Photoshop Actions

Do you prefer Lightroom or Photoshop? For many photographers, both are an important part of their workflow. Learn how to use both together.


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