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How to Composite Newborn Images and Keep Babies Safe

If you are a newborn photographer, make safety your top issue. Here’s how you can achieve great images while keeping the newborn safe.


Troubleshooting Text Tool Problems in Photoshop

So I was busily editing away late one night creating an invitation for one of my clients when to my horror all my text disappeared. Gone. Nada. Nothing. Nix. Invisible. All. Of. It. Then I noticed a very strange thing in Photoshop: Instead of showing the colour of my text, the text colour box just…


Editing Backlit Images With Photoshop Actions

Quick, easy edits for backlit photos … learn the steps now.


5 Key Steps for Creating Digital Collage Illustrations

Several years ago, Jo Ann Kairys, an award winning children’s book author and illustrator, began taking photos of her grandchildren at play. As a novice Photoshop CS3 user, she created story book images into which she blended their pictures.  She had no formal art training, but with digital scrapbook kits purchased online, she constructed colorful illustrations.…


Using Photoshop to Achieve the Lomography Technique

Learn how to use post processing to get the Lomo Effect.


9 Surefire Ways to Have Happy Photography Clients

Everyone wants happy customers. Make yours a top priority using these 9 easy tips!


Photography Help! Eradicating stiff, nervous and awkward subjects forever

Learn to get the best possible interactions from your family shoots by following these easy tips!


Free Photoshop Video Tutorial: Watch Me Work with Fusion

Watch me transform this photo from good to great in this Photoshop video tutorial and step-by-step Blueprint.


Smoother Skin, Brighter Eyes, Better Exposure: Step-By-Step with Photoshop Actions

Easy retouching of skin and eyes is a few quick steps away. Learn how to get smoother skin, brighter eyes, and a more exciting picture using Photoshop actions.


Blueprint: Photoshop Actions Make Color Pop and Contrast Fast and Easy

Add vibrant color to your images in photoshop – it is quick and easy – just follow these steps to create amazing photographs.


Photoshop Actions CS4 & CS5 Troubleshooting: Invert Not Available

Photoshop Actions CS4 & CS5 Troubleshooting: Invert Not Available If you are using Photoshop CS4 or CS5 in 64 bit, and running Photoshop actions that you know worked well in a previous version, you may run still run into trouble.  There are many reasons actions can cause you problems and stress.  Here is a past…


Fixing Color Casts and Skin Tones in Photoshop: A Blueprint

Are you wanting to learn to fix color casts and correct skin tones?  If so, you will love this before and after blueprint that was submitted by Sarah Collins of Maddie Dean Photography. Sarah wrote me and said, “I love your actions – I made myself learn how to do each of these steps manually…


Photoshop Tutorial: How to Color Pop in Photoshop

Color pop anyone? If you are looking for more vibrant colors in your photos, Photoshop can help you achieve that look. Using both channel mixer adjustment layers and layer masks, you are in full control of what parts of your image get that extra color pop. This effect can be achieved manually or using Photoshop…


How to Spread the Word About MCP’s Tutorials, Actions and Training

Who has the BEST Photoshop Actions?  Amazing One-on-One Photoshop Training?  Fun, educational Online Photoshop Classes? And Great Free Photoshop Video Tutorials?  I hope MCP Actions ranks high on your list. I often get asked by customers and blog readers, how they can link to MCP.  If you enjoy my Photoshop tutorials and/or Photoshop actions and…


Blueprint: Eyes “Wide” Open

Shawnee of Photography by Shawnee sent in this before shot and wanted to see how I would edit it with the Bag of Tricks action set.  I used both this set and the Eye Doctor to get to the after image. I started with exposure. I used the Bag of Tricks – Magic Midtone Lifter.…


Quick Tip: Photoshop Shortcuts

Yesterday I taught you how to assign F Keys to your actions.  But another cool thing you can do is assign those same Keys to other stuff. As you may know, Photoshop has numerous shortcuts built in. Everything from bracket keys (increase/decrease brush size) to D and X (to set colors to default and swap…


Quick Tip: Editing Faster in Photoshop

Have you ever wished you could click a button and have Photoshop do your work for you?  If you own Photoshop Actions and a Keyboard, it is almost that easy. You can assign your actions to “F” keys on your keyboard.  Most keyboards have 12 F Keys.  Some have 15 or more.  You can also…


Fixing Roots & Hair Color in Photoshop

Fixing Roots & Hair Color in Photoshop: Have you ever wondered how to easily adjust the color of roots or even the color of hair in Photoshop?  This tutorial will help you out. Thank you to Melissa Papaj for this super easy Photoshop tutorial teaching how to do a Quick Dye job in Photoshop.  Once…


Lightroom Tutorial – Organizing Photos For Quick Editing

For more great Lightroom Tutorials (and lessons on the Beta version of Lightroom 3) join NAPP (The National Association of Photoshop Professionals). After you have flagged all your images as “picks” or “rejects” you can get down to making a collection of these images to edit. You will need to decide if you want to…


Lightroom Tutorial – The Speed Round – Sort Photos Faster

When using Lightroom, you may be tempted to “rate” your shots. Sorting them on a 1-5 scale takes a lot of time, or shall I say can waste a lot of time.  You really need to decide, are you showing/keeping the image, or is the image unworthy. A better way to do this is to…


Photoshop Tutorial: Removing Glare on Glasses by Merging 2 Images

Photoshop Tutorial: How to remove glare on glasses in Photoshop – the Take Two Method To expand on yesterday’s post on removing or eliminating glasses glare, I will be showing you the “take 2” method. This method involves taking multiple shots of the subject with and without his or her glasses on. While photographing take…


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