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Magically Add Detail to Photos: A Photoshop Step By Step Tutorial

Use Photoshop actions to magically make your photos come alive. Learn how in this step-by-step tutorial.

Ancient Greek Photoshop

Ancient Greeks wearing hipster clothes, courtesy of Photoshop

While visiting the Louvre Museum, photographer Léo Caillard had the crazy idea about dressing Ancient Greek sculptures into hipster clothes. Well, it is not crazy if it works and the Paris-based artist has delivered one of the best photo projects of recent times, by photoshopping the statues to look like modern-day hipsters.

Download Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC now available for download

Adobe has updated its list of Creative Cloud applications with Photoshop CC. The new program is now available for download and it is packing multiple amazing features, including the deblurring filter, called Camera Shake Reduction. This marks the end of Creative Suite, which has been replaced by Creative Cloud.

Adobe Photoshop CC logo

New Adobe Photoshop CC price plans revealed in survey

Following the Creative Suite’s users public outcry, Adobe is exploring new pricing models for its Creative Cloud. A new Photoshop price plan should become available soon, if it were to trust one of the software maker’s online surveys, which says that the CC version might become available for as little as $9.99 per month.


How to Change the Color of an Object in Photoshop

If you want to change the color of an object in Photoshop, it can be easy. It just takes a little preparation and editing – here’s how.

Adobe Photoshop update

Minor Adobe Photoshop software updates released for download

Adobe is rubbing salt in the wound of numerous people who have purchased Photoshop by releasing a software update. Windows and Mac OS X owners can now download the latest versions of Photoshop, which include several bug fixes. However, they will still have to switch to Photoshop CC to get the latest features.

Adobe Photoshop CC release date

Adobe Photoshop CC release date is June 17

Adobe has reiterated that Photoshop CC and other cloud-based applications will be released on June 17. Creative Cloud will finally replace Creative Suite, while customers are still angry. In order to weather the storm, Adobe has announced that it has found three major complaints regarding the move in a blog post.

Adobe Photoshop Express Windows 8

Adobe Photoshop Express for Windows 8 / RT released as a free download

After months of keeping the users out on a limb, Adobe has decided to release a Windows 8 and RT version of Photoshop Express. The application, which is also available on Android and iOS devices, has finally made its way to tablets and computers running on Microsoft’s latest operating system, allowing users to edit their photos.

Adobe Photoshop Camera RAW 8.1 RC

Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 Release Candidate available for download

Adobe has decided to release the so-called “Release Candidate” versions of Camera RAW 8.1 and DNG Converter 8.1. They are available for download right now for Windows and Mac OS X computers. The tools are aimed at Creative Suite 6 users and bring support for several new cameras and lens profiles.

Adobe Lightroom standalone app

Adobe confirms Lightroom 5 will be a standalone application

Adobe has been heavily criticized after announcing that Creative Suite 6 will not be get an upgrade. It will continue to receive updates, but that’s it. The company will move Photoshop and its siblings to Creative Cloud, a subscription-based service. Thankfully, the company confirmed that Lightroom will remain a standalone app.


How to Use Photoshop Actions To Add Golden Light

This image has been a popular one on our site for years and I often get asked how to accomplish the edit and how to add the golden light using Photoshop Actions. Here’s a step-by-step Blueprint for Photoshop and PS Elements – to help you achieve this look using MCP Fusion Photoshop Actions. Thank you…

Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe announces Photoshop CC, replaces Creative Suite with Creative Cloud

Adobe has announced its future plans at the MAX Creativity Conference. The company has been criticized after revealing that Creative Suite will not get a replacement, as everything is being moved to the cloud. Adobe Creative Cloud will also get Photoshop CC and users will be required to pay for a monthly subscription to use it.

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop deblurring filter teased ahead of MAX 2013

Photoshop, one of the most popular and best photo-editing programs in the world, is about to get even better. Adobe has posted a teaser video on YouTube, in order to demonstrate the capabilities of an upcoming tool, called Camera Shake Reduction, which consists of a deblurring filter capable of removing the blur from photos.

PBS's Off the Book youtube channel emphasizes Photoshop remix culture impact.

PBS emphasizes Photoshop remix culture importance

PBS’s Off the Book youtube channel recently featured an episode about Photoshop and its various uses. The focus is on the software’s cultural and political value. It has helped with a faster spread of the public’s opinions, empowering average people to respond on a wide scale.

North Korea photoshopped its navy, to appear more menacing

North Korea used Photoshop to make its hovercraft fleet bigger

North Korea is making serious efforts, in order to be taken seriously by the United States and South Korea. However, the Asian country is making some key mistakes which decrease its credibility. The latest in a long line of blunders consists of photoshopping an image of its hovercraft fleet, to make it appear bigger in numbers.

Nik Collection by Google now available for Adobe Photoshop users

Google releases $149 Nik Collection plugins for Adobe Photoshop

After “killing” the Snapseed application, Google is finally doing something useful with the assets of Nik Software. The Nik Software has been purchased by Google in September 2012 and, until now, nothing good came out of it. However, Google is correcting this situation with the release of the Nik Collection bundle for Adobe Photoshop.

Professional portrait photography with iPhone and cheap lighting taken by Philippe Echaroux

Photographer shoots professional portrait photo with an iPhone

Philippe Echaroux is a very popular photographer. His impressive photography collection also includes a professional-looking portrait photography of random people on the street. His latest project involves something different, as he captured a professional portrait using an iPhone, cheap lighting, and a mobile photo-editing tool.

Cristian Girotto used Adobe Photoshop to make adults look like children in the "L'Enfant Extérieur" project

Cristian Girotto photoshops adults to look like children for a living

Cristian Girotto is an Adobe Photoshop designer extraordinaire who manages to surprise the world of photography every time he reveals a new project. His latest project is called “L’Enfant Extérieur” and it consists of the portraits of adult men and women, who have had their faces modified to make them appear as children.

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPhone and Android smartphones released for download

Adobe Photoshop Touch now available on iPhone and Android smartphones

Adobe has finally released a Photoshop Touch version for iPhone and Android smartphones. Previously, the application was available only on the iPad and Android tablets. The app comes packed with a new set of features, many of them borrowed from the tablet version, including layers, filters, adjustments, and selection tools.

1990 version of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe releases the source code for the 1990 version of Photoshop

Good news for Photoshop fans: The Computer History Museum, together with Adobe, makes Photoshop available for download, for free and completely legal, for everyone to enjoy. The only thing is, it’s only available for the 1990 version, the first of the many Photoshop versions released.


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