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pinhole camera


Camera obscura

Photographers turn Paris apartments into pinhole cameras

An Indian hotel room was acting like a pinhole camera and was projected outside color images of the surroundings. As photographers Romain Alary and Antoine Levi were waking up to continue their journey, they were inspired to create similar conditions using Paris apartments to do the same thing: act like pinhole cameras.

Female silhouette

Human silhouettes created out of 25,000 pinhole sun images

Photographer Chris Bucklow has got his hands on a pinhole camera and has decided to customize it with aluminum foils that feature human-like silhouettes drawn on them. The result is a project called “Guests”, which consists of individual outlines created with the help of 25,000 pinhole images of the sun.


I-Scura pinhole camera designed to look like a giant human eye

Photographer Justin Quinnell has created a unique camera obscura and one of the most interesting of them all. It consists of the I-Scura pinhole camera and it looks like a giant human eye. Moreover, it has been made out of everyday materials, like a laundry basket, and you can see it in action at this year’s summer festivals.

ONDU Pinhole Cameras

ONDU Pinhole Cameras project seeks funding on Kickstarter

Pinhole cameras are the perfect accessory for photographers who want to experiment with a device that pre-dates most of today’s lensmen. Carpenter-photographer Elvis Halilović promises that you will love his hand-made wooden pinhole cameras, therefore he has launched a Kickstarter project for the ONDU Pinhole Cameras.


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