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How the New Facebook Algorithm Affects Your Photography Page

Don’t let Facebook Algorithm changes hurt your photography business. Here’s what you can do to reverse the impact.


How To Use Social Media To Expand Your Photography Business

  This is a social media guest post, by Doug Cohen of Frameable Faces, about his approach to social networking for he and his wife’s photography studio. Learn from their experiences.  Providing a complete how-to on all of the social media platforms could easily be a 3,000 page book. So instead I’ll summarize our experience…


A New Place To Find MCP Actions

MCP Actions is now on Pinterest.  Come check out our pins for photography tips, Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials, inspirational images and more.  We will be pinning regularly so follow our pin boards for great content.


How Your Social Network Status Can Be Dangerous To Your Business

Be careful what you write about on your photography social networking pages. You customers are watching and it could damage your business.


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