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Photographing Children

How to Get Uncooperative Children to Pose for Pictures

When working with children smiles and energy are key. Laugh, dance, let them play and enjoy their moments in order to capture them at their best.


Improve Your Newborn Photography with These 4 Easy Tips

One of the hardest things to master in newborn photography are angles. We often get caught up in the poses, the props, the fabrics and all the other details and sometimes we forget about angles. It is amazing how moving our bodies and cameras ever so slightly can dramatically impact the look and feel of…


How to Easily Get More Images With Less Effort

This probably sounds like every photographer’s dream – right?  More great images – less work.  It’s not a gimmick.  It’s a quick tip. Once you pose your customer, rather than shoot the images from the logical position, try at least two more moves.  Your subject can basically stay where they are.  You, however, will move…


Tips and Tricks to Pose High School Seniors Naturally

When it comes to posing clients, my job, as the photographer, is:
(1) To help my subject to relax so that she will be comfortable and confident
(2) To understand what positions and lighting will be most flattering.
(3) To consciously avoid things that will be distracting or unflattering.


Create Amazing Boudoir Photography Sets On A Budget

If you have a small budget but big ideas for you next boudoir photo shoot, here are ideas sure to look lavish. Improve your boudoir photography now!


Shooting For YOU! Creating A Portfolio That Reflects Your True Style

Don’t shoot your images because you have to, photograph the subjects you want to. Here’s tips to help you build a portfolio you will be proud of.


Wedding Photographer, Jasmine Star, Teaches You How to Pose Couples

Get tips on how to pose couples from the fabulous wedding photographer, Jasmine Star.


Photography Help! Eradicating stiff, nervous and awkward subjects forever

Learn to get the best possible interactions from your family shoots by following these easy tips!


7 Rockin Beach Posing Tips

Taking pictures in full sun on the beach can challenge the strongest of photographers. Here are tips to help you pose families and children – and get the best possible images on the beach.


A Slimming Posing Technique: Chins Down and Shoot From Above

When photographing women of almost any age, we want them to look their best and feel better about themselves when they leave the shoot than before they came. There are a number of lighting tricks and posing styles we can use to help make our subjects feel and look their best. For today’s post I…


The Newborn Session – How to work with a newborn – tips, tricks and ideas to make your session a success

If you want better newborn images, take our Online Newborn Photography Workshop. First of all, I want to say Thank You to Jodi for inviting me to be a guest speaker on her blog. When she asked me if I would like to talk about Newborn Photography, my answer was “of course!”Newborns have long been…


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