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How to Create Beautiful HDR Images in Photoshop

Create HDR images in Photoshop using Merge to HDR Pro tool. No need for plug-ins or stand alone HDR software.


Shooting For YOU! Creating A Portfolio That Reflects Your True Style

Don’t shoot your images because you have to, photograph the subjects you want to. Here’s tips to help you build a portfolio you will be proud of.


Composite Images: Use Photoshop To Blend Multiple Photos

Not every photographic image can happen in camera.  Sure, as photographers, it is ideal to get white balance and exposure right, but some scenes can only happen with manipulation after the fact.  Enter…post-processing.  Enter….Photoshop.   The photo above consists of many photos combined using Photoshop. For starters, fashion photographer Laura Marino told me about this…

Photoshop Alone Does Not Make a Good Photographer

Photoshop Alone Does Not Make a Good Photographer

Thought of the Day: Photoshop Alone Does Not Make a Good Photographer I consider myself a professional when it comes to Photoshop.  I teach Photoshop and develop products that work inside Photoshop.  And yes, occasionally I use Photoshop to fix a problem on a less that perfect photo. Photoshop is a powerful tool for photographers. …


Post Processing Senior Style with Sandi Bradshaw

Sandi Bradshaw is back this week to show you some of her tricks and tips for post processing.  Then tomorrow I will use her SOOC shot and show you a few plays of my own in the Friday Blueprint.  And next week I will have a tutorial showing how to add fake sky where there…


MCP Blueprint – Oh Baby Baby – Make Me Pop

This before photo was sent in from a customer.  What a cute, fun photo. I just had to play and see what I could do with it – to make it more dramatic. Overall I loved the straight out of camera.  It just needed some more pop and depth.  Plus the colors were a little cool.…


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