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The Right Way for New Photographers to Price Photography

Pricing…what is the right way to price photography? Pricing is always a difficult subject to talk about. It is also one of those subjects where a new photographer will hear a lot of conflicting information regarding what is right or what is wrong. The perspective that I am going to share might be a bit…


The Naked Truth Exposed: How Photographers Price Photography

  The Naked Truth Exposed: How Photographers Price Photography There is no right or wrong answer on how photographers should price their prints, digital goods or session fees! Most photographers find that pricing photography is the most difficult aspect to owning a photo studio.  It’s easy to under charge when you start out and soon…

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Don’t “Wine” About Photography

Though many photographers drink wine, I’m not sure too many have compared wine to photography.  This analogy below probably works for almost any hobby that can also be a job, from making jewelry and crafts, to decorating, to cooking and more. It also works well for goods and services where there is a large variation…


Photography Pricing: The Right Way To Set Prices

Did you know there are 3 different ways to look at pricing your photography? Learn about all three and how to use them all together to make pricing work for you!

How to Price Your Photography – Q&A with Alicia Caine {Easy as Pie}

How to Price Your Photography – Q&A with Alicia Caine {Easy as Pie}

Here is a transcript from the 1 hour Live Text Chat on the MCP Actions Facebook Page with Alicia Caine from Served Up Fresh {Easy as Pie} – pricing for photographers You will see the question a participant asked, and then the answer from Alicia (AC). We hope to do another LIVE chat with her…


Play the MCP Name Your Price Game for Photographers

Play the MCP “NAME YOUR PRICE GAME” for Photographers If you are a professional photographer, please enjoy playing this game.  If you are looking at your prices and wonder if they are on the high end or low end, you will want to check out the game.  And if you are just starting your business,…


Tips for After Your First Portrait Portfolio Building Session: Part 2

Tips for After Your First Portrait Portfolio Building Session by Pamela Topping Yesterday I discussed 7 tips for your 1st portfolio building session.  Today I will give you some more ideas on what to do after you photograph your 1st “big shoot.” 1. Learn from Your Photos Examining your images is the best way to…


How to Price Wedding Photography {A Free Guide}

If you shoot weddings or want to get into wedding photography, this free pricing guide will teach you how to make money doing what you “love.” Learn how to sell, market and price your images, albums and time.


Easy as Pie… How to Price Yourself and Your Photography ~ The Winner

Alicia was so impressed with the amount of responses on the MCP Blog to her article on pricing yourself as a photographer.  She has decided not only to have a winner picked at random (which will be shown in a moment), but also to offer an incredible discount to you for a limited time. If you…


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