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The Importance of Shooting in RAW Format

I once saw a conversation about RAW vs JPG going on in a photography Facebook group. The question was, “Should I shoot in RAW or JPG?” And the photographer in question was stating that he only shot in jpeg – not only did he get more shots on his card, but he felt RAW gave…


Raw Editing Tips: How to Get the Most From Your Photography

Get the most from your photography by learning how to edit your raw files with these quick raw editing tips.


The Power of Shooting in Raw: Shocking Image Inside

Want proof that you should be shooting in raw? This may seal the deal.


The Guide To File Formats: How You Should Save Your Images

Learn which file format you should use to save your image in specific situations. We cover the major formats and tell you the pros and cons.


Win Our Upcoming Lightroom Preset Collection ~ Share a Blueprint

Enter to win our contest for the new Quick Clicks Lightroom Preset Collection. Just share a before and after photo to enter.


What is the Best File Format to Save Your Photos In?

When editing in Photoshop, what is the best format to save photos in? Which makes the most sense for photographers? To learn which file formats are best and which I use, check out my guest post on the Digital Photography School. Digital Photography School is the publisher of the Photo Nuts and Bolts book. If…

Shooting Raw is the only way…

Shooting Raw is the only way…

According to Jamie Taylor of SouthCape Photography, shooting Raw is not an option. It is a necessity. And while you may feel it is or strongly that it is not, I love her dedication and the way she argues her point below. Enjoy! Camera Raw is an unprocessed, uncompressed raw file. Jpeg is a processed…


MCP Blueprint – How RAW saved this shot and Photoshop Actions made it Better

  This week’s photo comes from Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces. I participate as a contributor there periodically.  This particular photo needed lots of help as it was severely underexposed but had a sunspot too.  I do most of my work in Photoshop as you know, but will use Adobe Camera Raw or…


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