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Photoshop Actions: Before & After ~ Rusty Car

Photoshop Actions can enhance Urban, Rural, Rust, and Old Cars Often the same Photoshop treatment used for a color pop in the city, for an urban shoot, can be used on a rusty car and child portrait in the country. It is all about color and how you want to make it come alive.  For…


Blueprint Fan Share: Sweetest Little Valentine

Thank you for this adorable Valentine themed before and after Blueprint from Carrie Heaps Photography. Details on the edit and which MCP Photoshop actions were used (straight out of camera shown 1st, then the final image 2nd): Started by adjusting the gamma and contrast manually. Ran MCP Studio White Bright Spell from the Bag of…


Blueprint – Subtle Edits for a BIG Impact

Some photos take a lot of editing, while others just need a few quick clicks of the mouse.  Here is an edit that was done in about 30 seconds or less. Started by cropping. Then used “All in the Details” Tinted action.  Masked detail layer completely off skin. Then used “All in the Details” Flashlight…


Blueprints * A New Photo Makeover Segment on the MCP Blog

*** We are over 300 on comments from yesterday – I will let a few more of you get in on the fun – as I really want the feedback.  I will pick a winner for both the MCP $50 and the Huge Branding Prize from SnapBrand on Sunday.  So go comment if you have not…


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