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Editing Images Taken with a DIY Reflector

Here’s some editing we did to enhance these images we took after using the DIY reflector — to make them pop even more.


Dollar Store Lighting for Photographers on a Budget

Using a simple DIY reflector fill board from a dollar store, you can get professional lighting results cheaply and easily.


A Photographers Guide to Understanding Light

As George Eastman so aptly explained, “understanding light is the key to photography.” Here are some tips to understanding light to make stellar photographs!


DIY Reflector For Photographers On A Budget

DIY Reflector For Photographers On A Budget Why use a reflector? Reflectors help photographers light their subjects, fill in harsh shadows, and add pleasing catchlights. What types of reflectors can you buy? Reflectors come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Some are small, while others are huge. Many are circular but others are rectangular or…


Photography Tips: Shooting in Full Sun at any time of the Day

Shooting in full sun…..yikes, it strikes fear in the heart of many! It’s not as easy as overcast skies but sunlight adds specularity and contrast to a photograph that a flat overcast day will never yield. So, let’s start with shooting in the middle part of the day. It’ll never be as good as shooting…


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