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Improve Your Photography In One Word – Reflectors

This blog post will give you tips on how to use a reflector both in a studio setting and on location outdoors. Photo examples are included.


Contest: Win a 2 Hour Mentor Session Via Skype On Flash Photography

Would you LOVE to have the opportunity to ask a professional photographer your “flash questions?” Are there things about flash photography that leave you lost and confused? If so, you do not want to miss the chance to win this prize for this week’s contest. Ainslie Bernoth, professional photographer and author of the 6 part…


Flash Photography Quiz: Has flash been used in the following images?

Part 6: Your Flash Photography Quiz: Has flash been used in any way on the following images? Answers no,no,yes,yes,no,yes,yes,no,no,no,yes,yes,yes My point is, even if you got all the answers right, it is sometimes hard to tell if flash was used. How you use flash is up to you. If the natural light is amazing ,…


Avoid the “Flashy Look” ~ Learn To Use Fill Flash in Your Portraits

Part 5: Avoid the “Flashy Look” ~ Learn To Use Fill Flash I was photographing a small girl, in a field. Gorgeous backlight, 4.45 pm light. Her face is dark due to her back to the sun. I want to fill her face with light, but also keep the background exactly as I see it!…


Editing an Off Camera Flash Photograph in Photoshop is EASY!

This week’s Blueprint uses no actions and barely any editing.  Why? Because of the advantages of off camera flash photography is less editing.  YAY! Ainslie Bernoth, who is doing a Free flash photography six part series, which is 1/2 way through, sent me this image – her before and after with steps. Ainslie started by…


Ready To Start Shooting With a Flash? Here’s Where to Start!

Part 4: Ready To Start Shooting With a Flash?  Here’s Where to Start! In the wise words of Zack Arias, “just start somewhere!” You know you have a shutter speed limit of 200, so I often start there; I then choose an aperture, usually something middle of the road say 5.6. I could use a…


Control Light and Get the Look You Want Using Flash Photography

Part 3: Control Light and Get the Look You Want Using a Flash I am going to explain this as easily as I can. In real life I could show you, which is how I learn easiest. I don’t want these written words to confuse you, or make you skip over it and class it…


Get Your Flash Off Your Camera: What Equipment You Need

PART 2: What Equipment You Need to Get Your Flash Off Your Camera I am going to teach you the BASIC way to use flash, once mastered , you can then go on to add more lights, gels, grids and anything else, the world of light opens up to you. So start by taking a…


Flash Photography, The Natural Light Photographers Dirty Words

Flash Photography! A free 6 part series on learning to LOVE and embrace flash photography. One topic MCP Blog readers email me about all the time is flash – how to use their on or off camera flash, studio lights, and even what equipment they should purchase. I am very lucky to have Ainslie Bernoth…


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