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Samsung NX1 camera

Nikon buys Samsung mirrorless technology, source says

After some recent rumors said that Samsung will close its camera division, while halting camera sales in select markets, the alleged reason may have surfaced online. A trusted source is reporting an intriguing rumor, which says that Nikon has actually purchased Samsung’s mirrorless technology. Here’s what you need to know!

Samsung NX Mini 2 leaked

Samsung NX Mini 2 specs, photos, and price leaked online

Worldwide stores have made a habit out of leaking Samsung-made cameras before the South Korean manufacturer gets the chance to announce them. Here is another model which has appeared online ahead of its time: the Samsung NX Mini 2. The mirrorless camera has just been leaked along with its price tag, specifications, and photos.

Samsung NX3300

Samsung NX3300 specs and price details revealed

From what we can see, Samsung does not enjoy announcing its mirrorless cameras. The South Korean manufacturer simply puts them on the market, hoping that people will somehow know this and buy its cameras. The latest product to go down this route is the unannounced Samsung NX3300, which is available for purchase now.

Samsung NX1 camera

Samsung NX1-LX 4K camera rumored to be in development

Samsung launched the NX1 camera at Photokina 2014 in order to rival high-end mirrorless cameras that can record 4K videos. It appears that the company is working on a special version of the NX1, that will offer even more videography features. Among others, the Samsung NX1-LX is said to capture 4K footage at 60fps.

Samsung NX500 front

Samsung NX500 announced with NX1 specs and low price

Samsung has announced a new NX-mount mirrorless camera. The brand new Samsung NX500 is here with a myriad of features found in the high-end NX1. However, the shooter is packed in a more compact, lighter, and cheaper body. The NX500 is also capable of shooting 4K videos and features built-in WiFi, NFC, and Bluetooth.

Samsung NX1 update 1.2

Samsung NX1 firmware update 1.2 released for download

Samsung has launched a new firmware version for its flagship NX-mount mirrorless camera. A myriad of improvements have been made to the shooter’s movie mode and physical interface. The Samsung NX1 firmware update 1.2 can be downloaded and can be installed by the camera’s users right now!

Samsung NX3300 photo leaked

Samsung NX3300 camera to be announced before CP+ 2015

Samsung has big plans in 2015 for its NX-mount mirrorless camera line-up. Recently, it has been revealed that the NX500 will be launched and now it is time for a new camera to be a part of the rumor mill. It is said that the Samsung NX3300 will be announced around CP+ 2015 as a replacement for the NX3000.

Samsung NX500 leaked

Samsung NX500 photos, specs, and price leaked online

Samsung is working on a new mirrorless camera that will be announced in the near future. Before its product launch event, the Samsung NX500 has had its photos, specs, and price details leaked on the web. Moreover, the device has even been listed for pre-order, signalling the fact that it is coming very soon.

Samsung NX1 sensor

Samsung NX400 release date could be set for February 2015

Samsung is allegedly working on a replacement for the NX300 series. The rumor believes that it is known the moment this is bound to happen. According to a trusted source, the Samsung NX400 release date is set to take place sometime in February 2015, before the start of the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2015.

Samsung NX Achromatic rumor

Samsung NX Achromatic mirrorless camera coming in 2015

The Leica Monochrom is rumored to get a competitor towards the beginning of 2015. It appears that Samsung will modify its NX300M mirrorless camera in order to capture only black-and-white photos. The result will be called Samsung NX Achromatic and will feature a 20.3-megapixel sensor without a Bayer array and anti-aliasing filter.

Samsung 300mm f/2.8 S

Samsung NX 300mm f/2.8 S ED OIS lens development confirmed

After announcing a new flagship NX-mount mirrorless camera, called the NX1, and a premium telephoto zoom lens, the 50-150mm f/2.8 S, Samsung has confirmed the development of another high-end optic. The Samsung NX 300mm f/2.8 S ED OIS lens is on-display at Photokina 2014 and it should be unveiled sometime in the future.

Samsung 50-150mm f/2.8 S ED OIS

Samsung NX 50-150mm f/2.8 S lens officially announced

Samsung has taken the wraps off of its second premium S-series lens. The new Samsung NX 50-150mm f/2.8 S lens is now official at Photokina 2014. It has been designed for NX-mount mirrorless cameras, but the company will surely be looking to turn it into an attractive solution for potential buyers of the new NX1 camera.

Samsung NX1

Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera launched at Photokina 2014

The flagship camera of the Samsung NX-mount is now official. Photokina 2014 has arrived so the weathersealed Samsung NX1 has been announced with a slew of amazing features, such as a 28.2-megapixel APS-C sensor, 4K video recording, and a new autofocus system with 205 Phase Detection AF points.

Samsung NX30 camera

New Samsung NX1 rumors point at an amazing mirrorless camera

The Samsung NX1 rumors cannot be stopped! The whole world needs to know that the South Korean company will soon announce one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market. New details about the upcoming flagship NX-mount camera have been leaked on the web, including information about its ISOCELL sensor and AF system.

Samsung NX30 Amazon

Samsung NX1 teaser reveals September 15 announcement date

Samsung has started a teasing campaign for the launch of its new flagship NX-mount mirrorless camera. According to the Samsung NX1 teaser image, the device will become official on September 15 as a part of the Photokina 2014 event. The announcement will occur in Cologne, Germany and it may include the introduction of a new lens.

Samsung NX30 camera

Samsung NX1 details confirmed by trusted source

A trusted source has confirmed some Samsung NX1 details ahead of the mirrorless camera’s official announcement date. This device will be aimed at professional photographers and will be introduced as a part of the Photokina 2014 event. However, it will not adopt a retro design, as reported in the past but it will be based on a modern style.

Samsung NX400-EVF specs

Samsung NX400 specs list and price details show up on the web

Samsung is now a leading mobile device seller. However, the South Korean maker has struggled to make a dent in the digital imaging industry. Things may change at the beginning of 2015 when two new models are expected to be announced. Meanwhile, several Samsung NX400 specs have been leaked along with some price details.

Samsung NX300M camera

Samsung NX400 and NX400-EVF cameras to be announced in 2015

Samsung is working on a new mirrorless camera that is poised to be announced at the Photokina 2014 and to become the NX-mount flagship. However, more goodies are coming at the beginning of 2015. According to an inside source, the Samsung NX400 and NX400-EVF mirrorless cameras will be introduced early next year.

Samsung NX30 camera

More Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera specs show up online

Samsung is actively developing the company’s next flagship NX-mount camera. Ahead of its announcement event, which will take place at Photokina 2014, a source has leaked more Samsung NX1 mirrorless camera specs. Along with the confirmation of a 28MP sensor, the source has revealed the device’s price and release date.

Samsung NX3000

Samsung NX1 specs and announcement date leaked on the web

Samsung is rumored to introduce a new flagship NX-mount camera at the Photokina 2014. The South Korean manufacturer will launch the NX1 mirrorless shooter with lots of new and exciting features, when compared to the current top NX camera, the NX30. A 28-megapixel sensor and 4K video recording are among the rumored specs of the NX1.

Samsung NX3000

Samsung NX3000 is a mirrorless camera for selfie enthusiasts

Samsung has officially introduced a new NX-mount mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, just like the rumor mill has predicted at the beginning of the year. The Samsung NX3000 is now official with an interesting set of specifications, such as WiFi and 20.3-megapixel APS-C CMOS image sensor, as well as a stylish retro design.


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