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Samsung NX-R rumor

Samsung NX-R photos show up on the web

Samsung has decided to focus on mirrorless cameras in the digital imaging industry. This may not necessarily be a bad thing, as long as the company is attempting to be different, but better than the rest of the pack. Well, it seems like the NX-R shooter will have a distinct design, as its photos have just been leaked on the web.

Samsung NX2000 Android camera photo

Samsung NX2000 officially announced with NFC and WiFi

Samsung has introduced a new mirrorless camera in the NX series after weeks of speculation. The shooter is called NX2000 and most of the rumors surrounding it have turned out to be true. It is not an Android or Tizen-based camera, but it features WiFi, NFC, and a 20.3-megapixel image sensor, as well as a 3.7-inch LCD touchscreen.

Verizon Samsung Galaxy Camera firmware update download

Verizon releases Samsung Galaxy Camera firmware update for download

Verizon made a surprising announcement by releasing a firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Camera. The new software is being pushed to owners of the Android-powered camera right now, as Verizon has added several new features. The list includes a Remote Viewfinder, S Memo, new Smart modes, and more.

Samsung NX2000 FCC approval

Samsung NX2000 Tizen / Android camera passes through the FCC

Samsung’s NX2000 smart camera has been leaked once again. This time, the Android or Tizen-powered shooter is seeking the approval of the Federal Communications Commission, in order to be able to use its WiFi 802.11n chipset. The mirrorless camera will feature a 20.3-megapixel sensor and should be released in the coming weeks.

Samsung NX2000 Android camera leaked

Samsung NX2000 Android camera photo leaked on the web

An image of an unannounced Samsung camera has been leaked online. The device appears to be powered by the Android operating system and an image sensor with a higher-megapixel count than that of the original Galaxy Camera. The leak is suggesting that the Samsung NX2000 release date is getting closer and closer.

Samsung SC1 concept is a smart mirrorless camera with dual-screens

Samsung SC1 concept camera features a detachable display

Designer Rich Park of the Samsung Arts & Design Institute has revealed a concept of mirrorless smart camera. The impressive dual-screen shooter is called Samsung SC1. Although the company has not announced any plans to produce this camera, the SC1 looks stunning and will provide a unique photographic experience.

Samsung NX1100 can be pre-ordered at B&H

Samsung NX1100 mirrorless camera released for pre-order

In an unexpected turn of events, the Samsung NX1100 is now available for pre-order at B&H. The mirrorless camera has not been officially announced by the South Korean manufacturer, but the company recently published its user manual online. Well, now the shooter can be pre-ordered in black or white colors.

Samsung NX110 user manual has been published on the web too early

Samsung NX1100 manual published online ahead of official announcement

Samsung is preparing to announce a replacement for the very unpopular NX1100 mirrorless camera. There are plenty of details to confirm this, including the fact that the NX1100 user manual has been published online on the official German website of the Japanese manufacturer, inviting everybody to come and download it.

Samsung has announced a WiFi-only version of its Android-powered Galaxy Camera

WiFi-only Samsung Galaxy Camera officially announced

The Samsung Galaxy Camera has been dubbed as the first “working” Android-powered camera. The South Korea-based company has decided to announce a WiFi-only version of the shooter. Samsung is hoping that the lower price will attract more customers, who are turned off by the price of the original version.

Samsung DV150F now shipping for a price of $149.99

Samsung WB250F and DV150F WiFi Smart Cameras now available

The Consumer Electronics Show 2013 was the perfect occasion for Samsung to announce a new Smart Camera lineup. The company announced five new cameras to take its Smart Camera 2.0 series to new heights and, as of today, two WiFi-enabled digital cameras are available for sale: WB250F and DV150F.

top 20 us patent holders

Top 20 US patent holders pose for an interesting infographic

The Chipworks team has compiled an interesting infographic highlighting the United States patent activity in 2012. There were no surprises at the top, with IBM taking the leading position for the 20th consecutive year, however, 4 of the top 5 companies from the infographic are camera manufacturers, while several others made it into the top 20.

samsung wb200f

Samsung added five new cameras to Smart Camera family

Samsung has launched its upgraded version of Smart Camera concept, together with five new cameras that run the new technology. It states that the new camera concept is designed with smartphone users on mind, thus combining touch-type big screens and Wi-Fi functionality for faster upload and sharing.

samsung nx300 camera lenses

Samsung NX mirrorless camera goes 3D

After announcing the NX300 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, Samsung has revealed another product for the NX-mount line-up. It consists of a lens and it is a special one because it allows photographers to capture photos in 3D. Without much further ado, here is the NX 45mm F1.8 2D/3D lens!

Samsung NX300

Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera revealed alongside 20.3MP sensor

In anticipation of the 2013 edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, Samsung has revealed the NX300 mirrorless camera. This device uses a Hybrid AF technology and a 20.3-megapixel APS-C sensor to capture beautiful photos in a quick, silent, and simple manner. The device will be on-display at CES 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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