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5 Keys to Searchability and SEO for Photographers

5 Keys to Searchable Images: SEO for Photographers By Zach Prez, author of the Photographer’s SEO Book Helping Google read your images can not only help your pages and galleries rank, but images can rank on their own. Ranking an image can be extremely beneficial as users search sites like Google images for wedding venue…

January FAQs: Business and Blogging Tips for Photographers

January FAQs: Business and Blogging Tips for Photographers

In January, business seems to be on everyone’s mind.  And as a result, I had many business related questions in January. I will address some of the most popular ones. How can I get more people to visit my website and blog? The MCP Blog currently gets around 2,500-4,000 unique visitors per weekday and 10,000-15,000…


SEO: Understanding Using Google Analytics by Guest Blogger Shannon Steffens

This is part 2 of Shannon Steffen’s series on SEO.  Part 1 is here. I am excited to be back on Jodi’s blog this week. We are again tackling the nebulous topic of SEO and what we can do to improve our website rankings. Today I am going to talk about Google Analytics. This is…


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