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Why Linking is the Most Important Part of Your SEO

Allow myself to introduce… myself. I’m Zach Prez, Google rank sherpa for ya’ll photographers and author of the Photographer’s SEO Blog and Book. This post covers the Everest of SEO which is link building. It’s the most difficult and time consuming of SEO tasks, but has the biggest payoff for getting you ranked at the…


5 Keys to Searchability and SEO for Photographers

5 Keys to Searchable Images: SEO for Photographers By Zach Prez, author of the Photographer’s SEO Book Helping Google read your images can not only help your pages and galleries rank, but images can rank on their own. Ranking an image can be extremely beneficial as users search sites like Google images for wedding venue…


The Importance of Web Presence by Guest Blogger Shannon Steffens

  *** IF YOU DID NOT GET TO DO THE POLL FROM THE WEEKEND, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  Something happened and it got deleted from the post, but it is back now and I would appreciate your responses. ***     The Importance of Web Presence by Shannon Steffens Today I am going to talk about…


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