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Malin Bergman

Malin Bergman surreal self-photos designed to break your mind

How you would feel if you knew that someone is deliberately trying to mess with your brain? Well, a lot of people are appreciating the courage of Malin Bergman, a talented photographer form Stockholm, Sweden. Her portfolio includes surreal self-photos, which are designed to make you do a double take using clothing and hairstyles.


Juno Calypso’s strange auto-portraits of an opressed woman

Joyce is the main character in a bizarre photo series by young and talented photographer Juno Calypso. The images are actually self-portraits of the photographer’s alter ego, who has been named Joyce. Calypso invites viewers to explore femininity in a strange manner, but the genius of her vision is unquestionable and praised by many.

Falling Through Space

Self-portraits of Brad Hammonds “Falling Through Space”

Photographers have a common goal of putting themselves in danger. Many of them like living on the edge, but they realize that accidents happen. While we are experiencing an “emotional delay”, the moment is already gone, says Brad Hammonds, who takes self-portraits showing the subject “Falling Through Space”.

A father and son look over as Morris-Cafiero sits on a swing.

Wait Watchers, or “Would you look at that!”

37-year-old Memphis based photographer Haley Morris-Cafiero, exploits the idea of fat-shaming, by studying people’s reactions to her body image, in a photographic collection suggestively entitled “Wait Watchers”. The project is a series of self-portraits shot in public, that capture unpleasant stares from strangers passing by.

Photographer captures eerie mug shots imprinted in snow

Creepy self-portraits by Oliver Turpin

Inspired by the snow fall, and wanting to do something a little different self-portrait wise, English photographer Oliver Turpin found himself in front of an exciting and also bizarre idea: sticking his face in snow and capturing the imprints, an artistic act with a shocking result.

Photographer taking shots of himself falling

Photographer Kerry Skarbakka shoots amazing falling self-portraits

Philosophy and photography roads sometimes intersect themselves. Photographer Kerry Skarbakka combines the two very often, including in his latest photo collection called “The Struggle to Right Oneself.” This eccentric photographer takes pictures of him falling, hoping to force people ask themselves questions about human condition.


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