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5 Easy Steps to Executing a Successful Senior Rep Program

So there you have it. By carefully choosing my reps, choosing them early, making it worth their while, giving them incentives for referrals, and helping them out on social media, I was able to create the most successful Senior Rep Program I’ve ever used, for the least amount of money.

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4 Go-To Poses for Senior Guys

Here’s 4 sure-fire poses for senior guys that work for just about any guy at any location.

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The Plastic Senior: Enhance Beauty Without Over Processing

DO NOT TAKE POST PROCESSING TOO FAR! Here’s why you should make sure you do not over-process pictures of high school seniors.

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Successful Senior Photography: Specializing within the Senior Market

Photographers can choose to specialize and become experts at a particular type of photography – and people are willing to pay a premium to work with experts. If you specialize in senior pictures, that’s a good start, but specializing within the senior market is even better!


Successful Senior Photography Tips: Breaking into the Market

Senior photography can be a very profitable business, but it can also be a difficult market to break into. There are plenty of high school seniors out there but it can be a challenge figuring out how to reach them. But there is one very important key to reaching seniors…


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