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Canon full frame sensor

Olympus patents dual-layer sensor with integrated polarizing filter

If you ever felt like you need a polarizing filter in your bag, but you do not have enough money to buy a high-quality one, Olympus may have something in tow for you. The Japan-based company has developed a dual-layer sensor that includes a secondary layer designed specifically to capture light polarization information.

Sony NEX-7 successor details

Sony A7000 mirrorless camera to offer 15.5-stop dynamic range

There is no question that Sony is leading the image sensor market in the digital imaging world. The company will not stop improving its technologies and it seems like it is working on “wowing” the world once again. The upcoming Sony A7000 mirrorless camera is rumored to employ a sensor with an impressive 15.5-stop dynamic range.

Sony curved full frame CMOS image sensor

Sony testing mirrorless camera with curved sensor?

A Sony mirrorless camera with curved sensor technology could be in testing. Two separate sources are reporting that they have met with photographers testing the upcoming A7RII camera which employed a curved full-frame image sensor, leading to the speculation that a Sony camera with a curved sensor may be closer than first thought.

Olympus OM-D E-M5II front photo

Olympus multi-layered sensor patent spotted in Japan

Sigma is rumored to get new rivals in the distant future as Canon has been spotted experimenting with multi-layered sensors. However, Sigma has other digital imaging players to fear. Sources in Japan have discovered an Olympus multi-layered sensor patent and it could lead to Olympus sensors with multiple pixel sheets.

Panasonic image sensor

Apple three-sensor technology patented for smartphones

Apple may release an iPhone with improved low-light and color reproduction capabilities in the future. A new patent has showed up at the USPTO, describing an Apple three-sensor technology that consists of a light splitter transmitting light to a sensor consisting of three pixel layers, one for each color of the RGB space.

Canon 120MP sensor

Canon 120-megapixel CMOS sensor unveiled at CP+ 2015

After introducing a couple of full frame DSLRs with the biggest resolution in their class, Canon is now showing off an image sensor with an even higher resolution at CP+ 2015. When it becomes available, the Canon 120-megapixel CMOS sensor will be able to capture footage at 60x times full HD resolution.

Sony image sensor

Canon 5Ds’ 53-megapixel sensor will be made by Sony

The rumor mill is once again stating that Sony will be the maker of the sensor found in Canon’s high-resolution DSLR cameras. It is said that a patent exchange between the two companies will lead to the Canon 5Ds shooters employing a Sony-made 53-megapixel sensor with Exmor technology.

Sony sensor in Canon DSLR rumor

46-megapixel Canon DSLR camera could employ Sony sensor

Sony is supplying sensors to lots of digital camera manufacturers, such as Nikon and Canon. Recently, the PowerShot G7 X compact camera has been revealed as featuring a sensor made by the PlayStation maker. The partnership could be extended as a future 46-megapixel Canon DSLR is rumored to employ a Sony sensor.

Fujifilm X-Pro1 sensor

Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date delayed due to its image sensor

Fujifilm has delayed the launch of the X-Pro1 successor several times, says the rumor mill. Recently, sources have said that the mirrorless camera will be launched in early 2015. Now, the gossip talks are back and they are saying that the Fujifilm X-Pro2 release date has been delayed again as its image sensor is not ready yet.

Sony sensors

Future Canon DSLR rumored to employ Sony multi-layer sensor

Canon has been rumored to be working on a professional-grade DSLR camera with a multi-layered image sensor for a very long time. Now, the rumor mill is back with more information regarding this subject, claiming that the shooter could actually employ a Sony multi-layer sensor, instead of Canon’s patented Foveon-like sensors.

Sony IMX224MQV

New Sony sensor captures color photos on moonless nights

Sony has announced a new CMOS image sensor for the automotive industry. The new Sony sensor is a 1/3-inch-type and it captures color photos at 1.27-megapixel and in 0.005 lux lighting conditions, making it the world’s highest sensitivity sensor of its kind. The IMX224MQV sensor will enter mass production next year.

Canon 1D X update

Canon 1D X replacement rumored to feature multi-layer sensor

Canon could be done with major announcements in 2014. However, things will change next year. The company is rumored to put forth a Canon 1D X replacement in 2015, a DSLR that will feature a multi-layered image sensor. Moreover, another camera is coming in 2015 and will employ a big-megapixel multi-layered sensor as well.

Sony image sensor

New image sensor type is 12x more sensitive than human eyes

A team of researchers, consisting of brilliant folks from the University of Granada, Spain and Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy, has introduced a new image sensor type. It is called a Transverse Field Detector and it is said to be about 12 times more sensitive to color than the human eye and the image sensors found in digital cameras.

Fujifilm CMOS sensor

Fujifilm Hybrid AF pixel patent reveals new X-Trans sensor tech

Fujifilm is aiming to improve the focusing speeds of its cameras, while increasing the image quality. The first step in achieving this consists of a Fujifilm Hybrid AF pixel patent, which has just been discovered in Japan. It refers to a new sensor tech that includes hybrid pixels, which can aid focusing while also gathering light.

Sony RX100 III image sensor technology

Fujifilm and Samsung to make use of Sony RX100 III’s sensor

Sony is believed to be the world’s largest supplier of image sensors for consumer cameras. The company has already provided its Sony RX100 III image sensor to Panasonic, which has put it into the FZ1000 camera. However, according to the rumor mill, two more companies will soon take advantage of the same sensor: Fujifilm and Samsung.


Sony patents sensor for a light-field photography camera

It appears that Sony is aiming to expand its digital imaging offer with a lot of new products. After patenting a black and white image sensor as well as a curved image sensor, the company has now patented an image sensor that could make its way into a light-field photography camera. Click to read more about this amazing technology!

Canon image sensor

Revolutionary Canon image sensor features five pixel layers

Canon is rumored to be taking things to the next level when the EOS 7D Mark II DSLR camera becomes official this summer. Ahead of the camera’s launch, a revolutionary Canon image sensor has been patented in Japan. The patent is describing a sensor that consists of five pixel sheets, including two for ultraviolet and infrared light.

Sony curved full frame CMOS image sensor

Sony curved full frame sensor unveiled alongside its benefits

Sony has taken the wraps off of its first series of curved sensors. A Sony curved full frame sensor and a curved 2/3-inch-type one were revealed at the 2014 VLSI Technology Symposium. The company has revealed how the sensor is more sensitive to light, while hinting that the technology is ready for prime time.


Crop Sensor vs. Full-Frame: Which one do I need and why?

If you are new to photography, or starting to think about upgrading your camera equipment from entry-level gear to something more professional, you may be confused about what crop sensor vs. full-frame really means and how it affects your photography. First, what is a sensor? The sensor is the electronic device that records information when…

Canon announced a new high-sensitivity 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor, which can record visible full HD videos in low-light conditions

New Canon full frame CMOS image sensors to be revealed soon

Canon is rumored to announce a new sensor technology sometime in the near future. The new Canon full frame CMOS image sensors are still in development, but they will be very cheap to manufacture, said an inside source. Additionally, these full frame sensors will make their way into the company’s future mirrorless cameras.

Sony A-mount 2014 roadmap

Sony patents lock-up mechanism for translucent mirrors

Sony is aiming to further develop its A-mount cameras featuring semi-translucent mirrors. The company has patented a lock-up mechanism for semi-translucent mirrors, allowing the mirror to flip up during exposure, a system commonly-found in DSLRs. This internal design is ingenious and it would be nice to see it on the market.


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