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Panasonic image sensor

Panasonic light-field sensor takes photos at full resolution

Panasonic is rumored to be developing a revolutionary light-field camera that would record focus-free photos at 100% of the sensor’s resolution. A patent, describing a unique Panasonic light-field sensor, has been discovered at the US Patent and Trademark Office and it talks about the possibility of capturing light-fields at full resolution.

GMAX3005 CMOS image sensor

Towerjazz and Gpixel announce 150-megapixel image sensor

Sony A7R is the camera with the highest-resolution CMOS sensor in the consumer market. It captures photos at 36.4 megapixels, overtaking the 36.3 megapixels of the Nikon D800E. Towerjazz and Gpixel have decided to prove that there is room for improvement and have just announced a 150-megapixel image sensor.

Samsung ISOCELL photography sensor

Better mobile photography with the new ISOCELL sensor from Samsung

Image quality in mobile devices, smartphones and tablets, used to be less than stellar. Now this may change as Samsung announced ISOCELL, a new image sensor for mobile devices. The innovative technology promises better image quality in a smaller size and it will be found in devices launched in late 2013 or early 2014, maybe even in the upcoming Galaxy S5.

Yaeyama-hime fireflies

Canon captures stunning low-light Yaeyama-hime fireflies video

Canon has put its high-sensitivity 35mm full frame CMOS image sensor to a test in almost complete darkness. The prototype camera has managed to provide impressive results, as it has captured stunning footage of the Yaeyama-hime fireflies, despite the adverse lighting conditions of under 0.01 lux.

Sensor manufacturer Aptina's logo

Aptina announces new mass produced 1-inch sensor

Aptina’s new AR1411HS CMOS sensor is 40% faster than the company’s previous 10 megapixel model. In its full resolution of 14 megapixels, it can record up to 80 frames per second. Previously exclusive to Nikon’s mirrorless models and Sony’s RX100, the chip is now being produced en-masse.

Fujitsu has developed a real-time pulse monitor using facial imaging technology

Fujitsu announces new image sensor which can measure pulse in real-time

Fujitsu has announced the development of an image sensor which could have enormous implications in health care. The new technology can monitor a person’s pulse through facial imaging. Fujitsu’s new image sensor can be embedded into smartphones, tablets, and PCs, and it can calculate the pulse in five seconds.

Google Nexus 5 image leaked online

Next Google Nexus phone to feature Nikon camera technology

Most market analysts believe that ever-improving smartphone image sensors will eventually kill the digital camera market. According to the rumor mill, the analysts may be on track with this prediction, as Google is preparing to launch the next-generation Nexus phone, which will feature an “insanely great” Nikon camera technology.

Canon announced a new high-sensitivity 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor, which can record visible full HD videos in low-light conditions

Canon demos 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor for full HD video recording

Canon has demonstrated a highly-sensitive 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor, exclusively designed for recording videos. The new sensor is capable of recording full HD videos in extremely low-light conditions and the company has a video to prove it. Canon’s new sensor will become available soon, with major implications in multiple fields.

Aptina signed a cross-patent license deal with Sony

Sony and Aptina sign patent cross-license deal

Sony and Aptina have decided to do the right thing, which is quite rare these days. The two companies have signed a cross-license agreement, that will allow them to access each other’s patent portfolios. This way, Aptina and Sony will focus on developing new technologies to use in next-generation digital imaging products.

Toshiba to release Lytro-like image sensors for smartphones soon

Toshiba reveals Lytro-like image sensor for smartphones

Toshiba is the latest company to announce a new type of image sensors for smartphones. The company demoed a Lytro-like camera module, which will allow users to refocus an image after taking it. The new microlens chip will give mobile devices the ability to take light-field photos, just like a conventional Lytro shooter.

Rambus introduces Binary Pixel image sensor

Rambus introduces Binary Pixel image sensor for smartphones

After the Nokia Lumia 920 announcement, everybody is trying to reveal image sensor technologies which can capture high-quality photos in low-light conditions. Rambus is one of the companies who wants a piece of the smartphone market and it thinks that the new Binary Pixel technology is the answer to all of our problems.

MIT researchers reveal new chipset for mobile image sensors

MIT researchers reveal revolutionizing chipset for mobile photography

Mobile photography will soon rival images taken with digital cameras. Advancements in the mobile industry will force camera makers to rethink their strategies. A revolutionizing technology is proposed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who have developed a new chip for mobile image sensors.

Aptina has revealed 12 and 13-megapixel image sensors aimed at mobile devices

Aptina unveils 12 and 13-megapixel 4k video sensors for smartphones

This is the type of news which digital cameras makers were hoping to remain a myth. Aptina has revealed 12 and 13-megapixel sensors for smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona. The company confirmed that the new sensors are capable of recording 4k videos and “impressive” photos in low-light conditions.

Researchers developed a new type of image sensors, which could provide gesture-control in TVs and digital cameras

Austrian researchers reveal transparent and flexible image sensor

Digital cameras may finally get a design overhaul, thanks to a new type of image sensors, developed by researchers at the Johannes Kepler University Linz in Austria. Scientists revealed a transparent image sensor, that could provide motion-tracking support, with implications in medical scanners, digital cameras, and other devices.

Panasonic's new low-light sensor technology doubles color sensitivity

Panasonic creates new sensor that doubles low-light image quality

Image quality has improved in recent years, however, photographers are still not satisfied with the current level of technology. As a result, companies are constantly working on improving photo quality. Panasonic has developed a breakthrough technology that allows better light transmission, thus doubling low-light image quality.

official sony logo

Sony to bring next gen sensors?

Next generation three layers sensors seem to be close to reality with Sony’s latest patent. The Japanese company might bring a new revolutionary image sensor to the market in the near future. A new patent has just surfaced these days, in which we can find a detailed plan of a new generation image sensor.

toshiba sensor nikon d5200

Toshiba image sensor discovered inside Nikon D5200

The recently-introduced Nikon D5200 was thought to feature an Aptina or Sony image sensor, as seen in previous Nikon-branded cameras. However, Toshiba took everybody by surprise with its copper-based 24.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, capable of shooting high-quality 1080p videos.


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