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Why Linking is the Most Important Part of Your SEO

Allow myself to introduce… myself. I’m Zach Prez, Google rank sherpa for ya’ll photographers and author of the Photographer’s SEO Blog and Book. This post covers the Everest of SEO which is link building. It’s the most difficult and time consuming of SEO tasks, but has the biggest payoff for getting you ranked at the…


50 Marketing Tips for Photographers

Are you a photographer stuck in a marketing rut?  Are you looking for ideas on how you can market yourself, your photography, and your business?  Look no further. These tips below will give you plenty of ideas on how to grow your business. Remember, just as with photography, you need to find the marketing techniques…


SEO for Photographers: 10 Chances to Win the Photographer’s SEO Book

SEO for photographers is so important.  When local customers are looking for a specific type of photographer, you want to rank high in Google and other search engines. Are you a photographer?  Do you rank high in the search engines?  If not, do you want to? This SEO for Photographers Book will help you drastically. …


Blog SEO for Photographers: Capture Search by the Long Tail

Blog SEO: Capture Search by the Long Tail By entering into this blog post you hopefully know that by SEO we’re talking search engine optimization. If you’ve had a website for a while and are new to SEO then consider yourself the Lakers fan just arriving to the game during 3rd quarter. You are late…


SEO – How to Design Your Landing Page for Maximum Results

This is part of out Search Engine Optimization Series by Shannon Steffens. This is continued from Sunday’s post here. The previous article talked about your title and your meta keywords. Remember “keyword stuffing” this is the term Google uses when you use too many keywords or descriptors for your web site, well this is going…


SEO – Don’t Be a Keyword Stuffer

This is part of out Search Engine Optimization Series by Shannon Steffens. I am back talking about SEO. Today I am going to talk about your landing page. This is the page of your website you see when you type in This is THE important page of your website. So not only do you…


SEO: Understanding Using Google Analytics by Guest Blogger Shannon Steffens

This is part 2 of Shannon Steffen’s series on SEO.  Part 1 is here. I am excited to be back on Jodi’s blog this week. We are again tackling the nebulous topic of SEO and what we can do to improve our website rankings. Today I am going to talk about Google Analytics. This is…


The Importance of Web Presence by Guest Blogger Shannon Steffens

  *** IF YOU DID NOT GET TO DO THE POLL FROM THE WEEKEND, PLEASE CLICK HERE.  Something happened and it got deleted from the post, but it is back now and I would appreciate your responses. ***     The Importance of Web Presence by Shannon Steffens Today I am going to talk about…


SEO? Google? Getting Your Website Found… Series Starting Next Week by Shannon Steffens

Starting this week Shannon Steffens will be doing a 6+ part series on how to help your website get noticed on search engines and how to draw traffic to your site. Here is a little bit about Shannon: I am a photographer and a mother to two young children. I started taking photographs at age…


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