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shallow depth of field


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3 Simple Steps to Get Shallow Depth of Field in Your Photos

Learn some beginner photography tips on how to achieve the shallow depth of field effect in your photos.


Free Photography Cheat Sheet

Use this easy-to-understand photography cheat sheet to help you next time you get confused about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and depth of field.


Warning: Shallow Depth of Field May Be Ruining Your Photos

Don’t let trends convince you that you always need to use a shallow depth of field. Sometimes you will get better results being more conservative.


Newborn Photography: How To Achieve The Blanket Fade In Camera

Learn this easy trick to getting great blanket fade without a lot of editing and hassle.


All You Ever Wanted to Know about DOF (Depth of Field)

When I posted last week showing photos of how to get eyes in focus, I got a fantastic comment from one of my readers.  He agreed to write a post for all of you on Depth of Field that was a tad more technical that my visual way of explaining.  Thank you Brendan Byrne for…


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