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Back to Basics Photography: In depth Look at F-Stop, Aperture and Depth of Field

Learn to control your depth of field by understanding f-stop and aperture.


All You Ever Wanted to Know about DOF (Depth of Field)

When I posted last week showing photos of how to get eyes in focus, I got a fantastic comment from one of my readers.  He agreed to write a post for all of you on Depth of Field that was a tad more technical that my visual way of explaining.  Thank you Brendan Byrne for…


The “Haircut” – chin length please?

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase So my girls start 1st grade in 2 weeks. Today they got their own library cards. They could not have been any more excited. After that we went for haircuts. Jenna just got her bangs cut. Ellie decided she wanted “chin…


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