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The Ultimate Shootsac Lens Bag Giveaway + Discount Code

If you want to carry your camera gear in style, make sure to enter to win a Shootsac or Tote & Shoot camera bag now.


Shootsac and Tote & Shoot Winners are…

My twins turn 10 tomorrow, 12/19.  They picked the numbers of the times they were born to pick the winners.  3:56 and 3:57. The winners of the Shootsac and Tote & Shoot are: SHOOTSAC WITH BAROQUE COVER: Comment number 356 – Cassandra C. TOTE & SHOOT: Comment number 357 – Adelayda PROMO CODE for all:…


The Ultimate Camera Bag and Shootsac Lens Bag Giveaway

If you want to carry your camera gear in style, make sure to enter to win a Shootsac or Tote & Shoot camera bag now.


Winners of the Shootsac Lens Bag and MCP Actions Sets

Are you feeling lucky?  I wish I could pick everyone as winners, but keep checking back for future contests.  You just never know which day and contest will be yours.  I am so happy that so many photographers participated.  After reading the post, you will see the winners announced. I also want to give a…


Win MCP Photoshop Actions & Shootsac in the Dream Contest

I am honored to have been interviewed by Jessica Claire, the amazing wedding photographer, and to be featured in the Shootsac Newsletter for April which comes out tonight. I am also excited for this fun contest, featuring both Jessica’s product, the Shootsac Lens Bag, and Photoshop actions by MCP. The Prizes: 4 Lucky winners will…

Some Incredible “Why I Need a Shootsac” photos…

Some Incredible “Why I Need a Shootsac” photos…

You all made this VERY hard on me!  Extremely hard.  Plus apparently my readers are procrastinators.  Entries for the contest were due last night at midnight.  1/2 of all the entries came in yesterday.  Over 50 photos to pick from – my job to narrow down to 10 for Jessica Claire to pick the winner. …


Jessica Claire’s Picks for the SHOOTSAC WINNERS

It turns out I sent 12 entries to Jessica, not 10 (oops).  She was so impressed with the entries that she picked 2 photographers to win a shootsac instead of just 1. Her top pick was this amazing photo by Amanda Stratton: And then her 2nd pick – who will also win a Shootsac is…


Happy Valentine’s Day – Enjoy Some Candy Hearts from MCP

Ok – so maybe you were looking for something sweet like “candy” – but I had to share my favorite sweet things with you.  My twins!  Last fall they were playing with these heart stickers and I took a few photos.  I have been saving them for this post… I hope everyone has a yummy day…


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