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What Are The Shooting Modes in Photography?

In the beginning, a lot of things about photography can be confusing and the confusion usually starts with shooting modes if you don’t know how and when to use them. It is really important for you as a photographer, amateur or pro, to understand all of six main shooting modes because they help you control…


Camera Tips: How to Make the Most of the Kit Lens

I hear a lot of photographers who have been shooting for many years give flack to the kit lens. And I can understand why – with an arsenal of high end, thousand dollar lenses, why would you shoot with the kit lens? I haven’t touched mine in months, personally – but I remember a time…


Back to Basics Photography: Shooting Manual – How to Get Proper Exposure

Learning to get proper exposure when you first start doing photography. Check out our series on exposure and it will make sense.


Back to Basics Photography: How Shutter Speed Impacts Exposure

Shutter Speed can impact your exposure as well as the look of your images. Learn what it controls and how to use it to achieve your desired outcome.


Back to Basics Photography: Exposure Control

Learn how to get better photos in camera. Master exposure control while taking the shot, by adjusting your aperture, speed, and ISO.


Wildlife Photography: 9 Tips for Photographing Animals in Nature

Wildlife photography is exciting and fun.  And once summer hits, or if you live in a warm climate, photographers of all specialties may want to give it a try. Thank you to Patricia Downey for this great article. Living in southwest Florida with its abundance of wildlife is bliss for me. While photographing wildlife can…


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