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Shutterfly has filed suit against Kodak for violating an agreement between the two companies

Shutterfly files suit against Kodak over “My Kodak Moments” app

Shutterfly has filed a suit against Kodak for violating a prior agreement between the two companies. The camera maker is now offering an app called My Kodak Moments. However, the complaint says that Kodak is not allowed to provide a service similar to the one sold to Shutterfly for $23.8 million in 2012, called Kodak Gallery.


Shutterfly to buy ThisLife?

Shutterfly is rumored to buy a relatively new photo-sharing service for a considerable amount. There are plenty of gossip talks suggesting that the company is planning to acquire ThisLife for a price of $25 million and to add many of its features to Shutterfly’s services as soon as possible.


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