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5 Favorite Silhouette Images From Queensland, Australia

One of my favorite things to photograph is sunset silhouettes. The silhouettes come from people or objects darkened to the point that no detail left. This is a fairly easy photography technique to master – as it involves exposing for the brighter background. Here are a few helpful tutorials on photographing and editing silhouette images:…


Photographing Perfect Sunset Silhouette Portraits Every Time

Learn to take amazing silhouette pictures with these 3 quick, easy tips!


Photographing Silhouettes, a flashback to great tutorials – learn to create your own!

Have you ever wanted to know how to photograph silhouettes?  Do you love sunset pictures with your subjects silhouetted in the foreground? I’m back!  And as promised in an earlier guest blogger post I promised I’d dig up some of Jodi’s previously shared information on silhouettes.  For me, summer is dwindling and I’m playing with…


One Way to Control Light in Photography: Turn Day Into Night

What time would you guess the images below were taken?  Look carefully… Sunrise?  Sunset?  A few hours before sunset?  Just after sunrise? After dark? Or might these silhouettes have been taken minutes after 2pm when the sun was high above – but under controlled lighting – using aperture, speed and ISO to create an illusion?…


Sunsets and Silhouettes – a blueprint, tutorial and favorites poll

One of my all time favorite things to photograph are sunsets and silhouettes.  There is something almost magical about them. Last year I wrote a 2 part tutorial on photographing and editing silhouettes. Part 1 Here * Part 2 Here. I changed camera my settings quite a bit on the ones I took on vacation…


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