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Quick and Easy Lightroom Color Tweaks

Learn to deepen skies, fix skin-tones and more, using Lightroom’s HSL Panel.


Fixing Color Casts and Skin Tones in Photoshop: A Blueprint

Are you wanting to learn to fix color casts and correct skin tones?  If so, you will love this before and after blueprint that was submitted by Sarah Collins of Maddie Dean Photography. Sarah wrote me and said, “I love your actions – I made myself learn how to do each of these steps manually…


Photographing Subjects in White Clothing: From Disaster to Joy

Do you dread when customers show up for their photo session wearing white clothing?  Do you wonder how wedding photographers deal with brides in white dresses? Irene Jones has some tips to help you deal with your fears. Some photographers wince and mutter something impolite under their breath when they see a client show up…


Over-Editing in Photoshop: How to Avoid 25 Common Editing Mistakes

Don’t fall victim to the common editing mistakes that most photographers make at one time or another. Find out the mistakes and how to avoid them in your photo editing. Decide for yourself which may still have a time and place in your workflow.


MCP Blueprint – Bye to Blue

This photo was submitted by Kim from My Family’s Circus ( for a Fix It Friday post at I Heart Faces and I wanted to share it here too. Here are the photoshop actions and steps I did to the photo: MCP’s Bag of Tricks Magic Midtone Lifter MCP’s Bag of Tricks Magical Contrast MCP’s…


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