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Soft Proofing in Lightroom

Learn how to use soft proofing so you know what your images really will look like and if you pushed your edits too far.


How To Soft Proof in Lightroom for the Best Possible Colors

How To Soft Proof in Lightroom for the Best Colors When you edit in Lightroom, you are in a very large color space called ProPhoto RGB. In simple terms, you get a very large color space which gives you the most flexibility and colors to choose from while editing.  On the surface this sounds like…


Soft Proofing and Color Management in Photoshop

MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase This post is written exclusively for the MCP Actions Blog by “Color Inc Pro Lab.” They are an amazing printer with excellent customer service. And they have agreed to do monthly tips and/or contests here on the MCP Blog. I get…


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