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Take Control of Your Light: Why Diffuse It

How to affect the quality of the light Is the  light is giving you the look you desire? By themselves some light sources are very hard, creating very dark and crisp shadows. To soften the light you need to diffuse it by adding modifiers: an umbrella, a softbox, or even a fabric screen. Think about…


Take Control of Your Light: Flash

How to Start out with Flash Lighting If continuous lighting (see Part I) is not ideal for you and you decide that flash lighting would work better, then what? Well now you have to decide between studio strobes or on-camera flash (speedlights) , which can also be used off camera. Both work great, and once…


Take Control of Your Light: Continuous Light

Steps on how to get to selecting and using at least one ‘un’-natural source of light. The part of the article covers continuous lighting.


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