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Make Your Images Come Alive in Photoshop

If You Want Your Colors to Pop and Your Images to Come Alive, You’ll Love This MCP Inspire’s Drama Photoshop action makes images nearly pop off your screen.  Rich, deep colors and strong, intense details with a little help from a paint brush.  To see how we accomplished this edit below, scroll down. Using Photoshop…


The Importance of Setting Accurate Expectations for Photography Customers

Recently, I received a call from my sister-in-law who had a baby in September. To protect the identity of the baby and photographer, I will refer to the baby as “D” and the photographer as “X”. Her: “I had Baby D’s photo taken but I am not happy with the pictures.” Me: “What aren’t you happy…


Learn How to Add Clouds, Change Colors of an Object and Add Sunlight

Do you like special effects on your images? Would you like to learn: How to Add Clouds? How to Change Colors of an Object (a brick wall in this case)? How to Add Sunlight and Sharpen Elaborate Gowns? If so, you are in luck.  Using Photoshop + the MCP Inspire actions, you can easily achieve…


FAQ: How To Get These Looks in Photoshop

“How do you get these looks in Photoshop?” After posting this image on Friday, we got many inquiries asking exactly how we achieved each of these three looks using MCP Inspire Photoshop actions.   Rather than list every step out here, we thought it was easier to share our MCP Inspire Overview Video Tutorial with…


What Is Your Favorite Look or Editing Style?

Do you have an editing style or look you love for your images? Close your eyes and imagine your ideal look you want for your images.  Now describe it – to yourself, to us in the comments, or to a friend.  What is the style you want for your photos? Perhaps you already know the…


3 Tips To Capturing Unique Photos in Ordinary Places

Learn how to quickly turn ordinary locations into extraordinary ones with these easy steps.


Shooting For YOU! Creating A Portfolio That Reflects Your True Style

Don’t shoot your images because you have to, photograph the subjects you want to. Here’s tips to help you build a portfolio you will be proud of.


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