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10 Secret Ingredients to Get Powerful Sunflare

Capturing sunflare and bursts of light is easy and can really make a huge impact on select photos. Learn to get artistic sunflare in your images with these 10 easy-to-follow steps.


Sun Flare: How to Achieve This Special Light

I’ll admit it…  I’m addicted to sun flare, especially a good sunburst.  I’m secretly quite proud when I achieve it, especially since it required actually remembering the tips I read about creating it in the first place.  Perhaps you are like me and scour the internet for all things photography related and end up only…


5 Killer Ways to Shoot Into the Sun and Get Beautiful Flare

Sun flare is technically considered a flaw in traditional photography. In modern photography, photographers are taking this past blunder and turning it into expression and art. Learn how you can purposely use sun flare to capture amazing images.


Sun Burst Style Sun Flare: 10 Sure Fire Tips to Achieve It

My favorite thing to shoot, besides my children of course, is any image with the sun. I love sculpting the sun into star shaped bursts of light. Learn how to achieve this fun photographic technique by following my simple directions. Don’t say I didn’t warn you – this can be addicting!


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