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ISS transiting the moon

Transiting the moon makes the ISS look like the Enterprise

Almost all photographers are looking to capture that once in a lifetime shot. It may not be their best photo ever, but it will be iconic for them. Romanian photographer Maximilian Teodorescu has hit the jackpot, thanks to an image of the International Space Station transiting the moon, making the ISS look like the USS Enterprise.

Ultraviolet high resolution mosaic

160-megapixel ultraviolet photography mosaic of our closest galaxies

160-megapixel imaging project of our neighboring galaxies ends up with incredible resolutions and unprecedented data gathering. This detailed photography mosaic was possible thanks to a UV and optical telescope integrating special filters and a wide, clear-view mirror.

NASA biggest solar flare of 2013

NASA reveals amazing photos of this year’s largest solar flare

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is the main supplier of fantastic astrophotography. The agency has released a new set of photos, depicting this year’s biggest solar flare, which caused a coronal mass ejection. Such solar flares produce spectacular light shows, though they can also affect our electronics.


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