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How to Take Powerful Travel Photos

Having the chance to travel is exhilarating, mind-opening, and fun. Traveling gives people a chance to respect other cultures, rediscover the timeless beauty of nature, and remind themselves why photography is an irreplaceable form of art. If your short-term plans involve traveling, you might feel intimidated by the seemingly endless photo opportunities you’ll be faced…


Editing Images Taken with a DIY Reflector

Here’s some editing we did to enhance these images we took after using the DIY reflector — to make them pop even more.


Dollar Store Lighting for Photographers on a Budget

Using a simple DIY reflector fill board from a dollar store, you can get professional lighting results cheaply and easily.

Photo by Thomas Martinsen

7 Essential Tactics When Starting Your Own Photography Business

Wondering how to start your own photography business? We’ve collected a list of essential things you may need to start a successful photography career.

layer options

How to Make Layer Names Visible in PS Elements

Learn to expand your layers panel and make layer names easy to read. Just follow this quick Elements tutorial.


Create Amazing Boudoir Photography Sets On A Budget

If you have a small budget but big ideas for you next boudoir photo shoot, here are ideas sure to look lavish. Improve your boudoir photography now!


Photography Tips: Shooting in Full Sun at any time of the Day

Shooting in full sun…..yikes, it strikes fear in the heart of many! It’s not as easy as overcast skies but sunlight adds specularity and contrast to a photograph that a flat overcast day will never yield. So, let’s start with shooting in the middle part of the day. It’ll never be as good as shooting…


7 Tips for Adding Mini Photo Shoots Into Your Photography Business

Mini Photo Shoots: 7 Tips on How to Add These to Your Photography Business It started off as an idea to break up the late-winter lull. You know what I’m referring to – that January to March period where family shoots are few (because everyone just had their Christmas card photos taken), but it’s too…


5 Foolproof Tips for Photographing Kids

5 Foolproof Tips for Photographing Kids by Tamara Kenyon I get asked a lot about which subject the hardest to photograph. Most often I get people guessing that it’s kids because they’re so busy and hard to direct. WRONG. If we’re being honest here, it’s actually grown men, but that is for another post. Kids…


Using Tips, Tricks, and Reverse Psychology to Photograph Children

Photographing Children Can Be Tricky – You may need to use tips, tricks and even some reverse psychology… By Julie Cruz of Lot 116 Photography. “You’re like a magician!” “You have some sort of magical kid magnet powers!” Those are just a few of the things that parents have told me after I’ve photographed their…


Adding Clouds in the Sky of a Photo in Photoshop

Thank you to Stephanie Gill of TinyTot Snapshot Photography for this fantastic tutorial on using brushes to add clouds to a photo in Photoshop. Hello again, I will be doing tutorials for the 5 brush techniques I mentioned prior in the upcoming weeks ahead. Today’s tutorial focuses on adding clouds to a photo. Whether your…


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