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Toshiba NFC SDHC memory card

Toshiba reveals world’s first SDHC memory card with NFC

The world’s first SD memory card with built-in WiFi was introduced a long time ago. Now, it is time for the world’s first SDHC memory card with NFC to become official. Toshiba is the first company in the world to announce a memory card that is equipped with NFC technology at the Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

Camileo X-Sports

Toshiba Camileo X-Sports ready to compete against GoPro Heros

GoPro Hero cameras are synonymous with action photography. People who like to film their extreme adventures should forget about GoPro, as the brand new Toshiba Camileo X-Sports action camera is here and it is packing an amazing set of features. To top it all off, an affordable price is available along with a lot of free accessories.

Toshiba to release Lytro-like image sensors for smartphones soon

Toshiba reveals Lytro-like image sensor for smartphones

Toshiba is the latest company to announce a new type of image sensors for smartphones. The company demoed a Lytro-like camera module, which will allow users to refocus an image after taking it. The new microlens chip will give mobile devices the ability to take light-field photos, just like a conventional Lytro shooter.

toshiba sensor nikon d5200

Toshiba image sensor discovered inside Nikon D5200

The recently-introduced Nikon D5200 was thought to feature an Aptina or Sony image sensor, as seen in previous Nikon-branded cameras. However, Toshiba took everybody by surprise with its copper-based 24.1-megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor, capable of shooting high-quality 1080p videos.

toshiba logo

Toshiba files new sensor patent?

Toshiba is a major player on the sensor market and it mainly competes against Sony. In order to become the best, you have to invest a lot of effort into research and this is exactly what Toshiba is doing. The company has just patented a new type of sensor, that may revolutionize the market in a few years time.


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