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How To Edit A Bridal Image Using Photoshop Actions

Learn my photo editing process from beginning to end for a bridal image. I use Photoshop for all of my editing – starting with the RAW images from my Nikon D700 in Adobe Bridge to completion in Photoshop. In Adobe Bridge: Turn the Brightness down to +40 (I tweak until the histogram is more evenly…


How To Edit A Bridal Image Using Photoshop Actions

Watch as an MCP customer quickly edits a bridal portrait using cloning, cropping and a few Photoshop actions.

Giveaway to Celebrate 1,000 Posts on the MCP Blog! CONTEST

Giveaway to Celebrate 1,000 Posts on the MCP Blog! CONTEST

This is the 1,000th post on the MCP Blog! That’s a lot of words…  And a lot of information. So many times I get asked to do posts on topics that have already been covered.  While I do occasionally discuss certain things more than once, there is a wealth of knowledge from myself as well…


Watch Me Work: Photoshop Actions & Workflow Online Class

MCP Actions is very excited to announce the launch of my WATCH ME WORK 2 Hour Photoshop Interactive Online Class. Details are below. For class times and to sign up, visit the MCP Watch Me Work Training Class Page. We have listened to our customers and created a new online interactive Photoshop class in response…


Photoshop Tutorial: How to Color Pop in Photoshop

Color pop anyone? If you are looking for more vibrant colors in your photos, Photoshop can help you achieve that look. Using both channel mixer adjustment layers and layer masks, you are in full control of what parts of your image get that extra color pop. This effect can be achieved manually or using Photoshop…


Last Card & Template Workshop for 2009 * 26 CARDS INCLUDED {November 18th}

Don’t miss out on the last CARD & TEMPLATE Workshop in 2009.   Plus check out upcoming MCP Classes under the workshops tab (Curves, Color Crazy, Color Fixing, and Speed Editing). Are you in the market for holiday cards, birth announcements, templates, and other cards? Do you wish you knew how to use the cards and…


Adding Clouds in the Sky of a Photo in Photoshop

Thank you to Stephanie Gill of TinyTot Snapshot Photography for this fantastic tutorial on using brushes to add clouds to a photo in Photoshop. Hello again, I will be doing tutorials for the 5 brush techniques I mentioned prior in the upcoming weeks ahead. Today’s tutorial focuses on adding clouds to a photo. Whether your…


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