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sinai and syrian desert tim peake

Amazing Earth photos from space captured with Nikon D4

Earth, as seen from space, is probably one of the most impressive things ever. Our planet is absolutely astounding from afar and the latest astronaut to share this awesomeness with us is ESA’s Tim Peake. Here are some of the amazing Earth photos from space captured by the cosmonaut from Earth’s low orbit!

Google Glass Glassware

Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other apps reach Google Glass

Google has revealed that Glass wearers now have access to more applications. The company has published six apps, extending the Glassware list with the help of Facebook, Tumblr, CNN, Twitter, Evernote, and Elle. The new software comes packed with interesting functionality, that will make the Glass experience more enjoyable.


10 Tips to Successful Senior Photography: Relating to High School Seniors

To be a really successful portrait photographer, you’ve got to be able to relate to your clients. If your clients don’t feel comfortable around you then their pictures won’t turn out well. Most of us can easily relate to adults, but may have trouble relating to seniors. “Kids theses days!” 😉

East / West Germany division space photo

East / West Germany division can still be seen from space

“Everybody Hates Chris” is a popular TV show where Chris Rock recalls his childhood memories. In our situation, everybody loves Chris Hadfield, the Commander of the International Space Station, thanks to his great images posted on Twitter. One of the latest photos shows that the East / West Germany division is still visible from space.

Twitter's Vine, a six-second video iPhone application, with no filters, no edits

Twitter’s six-second video application, Vine, is on the rise

The six-second video Vine app is creating buzz, all the way up to the cinema industry. Prestigious Tribeca Film Festival has collaborated for a six-second film competition. Robert de Niro said about it: “It can be a long time, you can tell a whole story in six seconds.”

Social media websites delete photo metadata from the files, says ITPC study

Most social media sites delete metadata from image files, study says

The International Press Telecommunications Council has conducted an extensive test, in order to find out whether social media websites preserve metadata from image files. However, the agency’s study did not reveal the expected results, as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, and most other sites delete almost all metadata information from the images.


Earth’s beauty “tweeted” from the lens of an astronaut

Canadian astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield has shared some extraordinary photographs of Planet Earth. He is currently on-board the International Space Station (ISS) in a five-month mission. He is also the first Canadian Commander of the ISS and has a keen eye for photography.


How the New Facebook Algorithm Affects Your Photography Page

Don’t let Facebook Algorithm changes hurt your photography business. Here’s what you can do to reverse the impact.


How To Use Social Media To Expand Your Photography Business

  This is a social media guest post, by Doug Cohen of Frameable Faces, about his approach to social networking for he and his wife’s photography studio. Learn from their experiences.  Providing a complete how-to on all of the social media platforms could easily be a 3,000 page book. So instead I’ll summarize our experience…

5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Be Your Photography Brand

5 Reasons You Don’t Need To Be Your Photography Brand

Should you brand your business as yourself, or create a brand identity for your company? Learn more now.


How Your Social Network Status Can Be Dangerous To Your Business

Be careful what you write about on your photography social networking pages. You customers are watching and it could damage your business.


How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Photography Business

How To Use Twitter To Promote Your Photography Business By Seshu Let me at the outset say that I was an early adopter of Twitter. That also makes me an one of the early skeptics. I recall signing up for the free social media networking service and then walking away for months. I didn’t know…


Twitter – should I give in? I just did… Join Me!

 MCP Actions Website | MCP Flickr Group | MCP Reviews MCP Actions Quick Purchase Twitter this – and Twitter that…  I thought this sounded like the most ridiculous idea when I first heard it.  I seriously thought, “why on earth would I want to know what someone else is up to at a particular moment…”…


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